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How to Get the Most from Your Scrap Car Removal in Perth

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With scrap cars, contacting a Scrap Car Removal Company is typically the most convenient option for car owners. The option is one that is environmentally friendly and pays cash. Speed Car Removal in Perth provides car owners selling cars of any make and conditions the following tips on how to get the most from their removals.

Get More from Your Car Removal in Perth

It is nice to get rid of the old or unwanted car, but it is nicer when you can make the most of it. A free car removal and top cash. The amount of cash you will receive for the car will be determined by various factors, including the make and condition of the car, its location, weight, etc. While you may not be able to change any of those factors, there are ways to get the most from your removal.

  1. Registration plates: When the company makes the quote, ask the appraiser if the quote is with or without rego eTags. Car removal companies do not pay extra for the plates, and the plates should never go with the car.
  2. Remove all personal belongings: Through the years, valuables can get stuck under and between seats, tucked way back in the boot, etc. Be sure that you completely clean out the car before the removal company arrive to collect the car.
  3. Don’t accept the first cash quote you receive for your car: Shop local car removal companies and compare quotes and services. Also, when you opt for shopping ensure to shop at an eco-friendly removal company like Speed Car Removal.
  4. When providing the company with the condition of the car, be as descriptive as possible: Include everything from issues the car has to all factors that make the car more valuable like the condition of its frame, the tyres, working parts under the hood, etc.
  5. If your car is a scrap car, get rid of all your scrap metals at the same time: Old appliances, aluminium yard furniture, copper wire, etc.

For a top dollar quote, Speed Car Removal is the removal company to contact. We buy cars of all makes and conditions, providing cash quotes over the phone and online. Give us a call at 0431 328 128. We guarantee to offer a fair price for your unwanted car and a free local car removal.

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