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A Guide to Buying the Right Tow Bar

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If you are thinking of buying a trailer for whatever reason, your choice of tow bar is critical, and there are a few things to consider. The type of trailer you are planning to tow is the first thing to think about, which might be a small luggage carrier, or possibly a car transporter, or even a caravan, and weight is the all-important factor when towing anything. It makes sense to follow manufacturer’s recommendations, and popular makes will have tow bars they officially recommend for use with their vehicles, and this makes the selection process a little easier. BMW or Audi, for example, would recommend certain brands of tow bars for their cars, and it makes sense to follow their recommendations, for obvious reasons.

Online Suppliers

Like most things today, top quality tow bars can be sourced online, and whether you need a heavy duty tow bar, or something for a small luggage carrier, the online supplier would stock the right component. If you are in any way unsure about the tow bar you need, simply tell the online supplier the make and model of your vehicle and also details of the trailer to be towed, which will enable the right selection, and most suppliers would either send the component in kit form, or if practical, would also provide a fitting service.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

The GVWR is critical when thinking about towing a trailer, as this is the limitation for the gross weight of both the fully laden vehicle and the trailer, which should never be exceeded. The manufacturer would typically attach a plate or sticker on the inner area of the driver’s door frame, and if you make sure that you never exceed this, you should experience a safe tow. There are other weight specifications, such as the dry weight of the vehicle, which is the weight of the vehicle with no liquid, passengers or cargo aboard, and this would be found in the same area as the GVWR plate.

Seek Professional Advice

Buying the wrong tow bar could have more consequences that simply wasting money, which is one reason to consult a professional, who can very quickly tell you the right type of tow bar for the job at hand. Online solutions make this a very easy thing to do, and a simple search will yield results and once you have selected the right unit, a secure online payment is all it takes to have the component shipped to your door. If you are not comfortable fitting the tow bar yourself, the supplier would likely offer an installation service, which ensures correct fitting.

All car makers will have tow bars that they recommend for use with their vehicles, and with an online supplier, you simply click on the make of your car and the range of tow bars will follow. BMW, for example, would have a tow bar for each series, as body design is different for each model, and by locating your particular model, you will easily find the right tow bar.


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