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A Guide to Buying a Used Car

A Guide to Buying a Used Car

  Buying a car is an exciting time for anyone, yet when you are looking to purchase a used model, there is obviously an element of risk involved. One can never be certain about how the car was maintained, which is why you should look for a car with a full service history, which is a good indication that the previous owners took care of the car while it was in their possession.

Buy from a Reputable Dealer

If you buy a car from a local car dealership, you will receive some form of warranty, which would depend on the age of the vehicle. There is a local garage that sells reliable used cars in Plymouth who have an excellent reputation, and can also arrange competitive finance.

Inspecting the Vehicle

It is recommended that you (or someone with knowledge of cars) give the car a close up inspection, which would involve:

  • Listening to the engine while idling
  • An inspection of the underside of the car
  • Bodywork inspection

This should be followed by a test drive, which is the only way to get the feel of the car, and while driving, you can check that the steering, brakes and suspension all work as they should.

The Interior

Once you have established that the engine is in good working order, don’t forget to give the interior a close inspection, and any issues should be pointed out to the seller, which might result in a drop in price.

A dealer will issue you with some form of warranty, which is essential when buying a second-hand car, and hopefully, the car will prove to be a wise investment.

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