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The Benefits of Buying Certified Used Honda Cars

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Honda is one of the largest vehicle manufacturing and sales company brands in the world. Statista found that in the last fiscal year Honda sold around 4.5 million automobiles. That is a substantial amount of new Honda’s on the roads for the year. Since that is a little below the sales for last year it goes to show that this number of cars and trucks are pushed out and sold every year.

That is a sizable number of cars that become used as soon as they are driven off the lot, and that could potentially show up as a trade in on a car lot. Since people only keep a new car for less than 6 years, you can potentially get a used Honda that is like new.

It is never good to assume that to be the case, though. When looking for a used car make sure that you are working with a lot that certifies their vehicles before putting them out for sale. You can get a good deal on a used Honda that has not been checked over, but when you buy one that is pre-certified you get many benefits not available otherwise.

  1. Warranty-In order to qualify for a certified status, it must be under 6 years old and have less than 80k miles on it. If it is under 5 years old, it will still have some manufacturers warranties on it. Otherwise, the company that certifies it will offer a warranty on the vehicle. In a perfect world you could get both warranties, one from Honda and one from the lot that you have decided to check with for a used Honda.
  2. 150 Point Inspection-Every Certified used car will have had a 150-point inspection done on it. A mechanic will go through everything in the vehicle and make sure that it is in tip-top shape. After the main inspection is completed, it will be taken for a road test to verify that it is safe for the pavement.
  3. Oil Change-You can get up to two free oil changes if the vehicle you are looking at qualifies. You will need to ask to verify this perk of obtaining a certified used Honda.
  4. Roadside Assistance-All certified cars will get roadside assistance during the length of the warranty period. This could come in handy if you do need some assistance while on the road, but as a general rule you will never have to use this benefit.
  5. Add-on Warranties-After the used Honda has been certified for sale you may be offered some added warranties that you can obtain. If the cost for them is not too much it is always suggested that you opt for them. The more warranties that you have, the more secure you can be in the fact that you are getting a quality used car that will last for years.

In the society of today it is hard to invest in a used car of any kind. A certified Honda will alleviate this worry because you know that a mechanic has checked out every part of the car. That not being enough, it has also been test driven on the roads that you plan to use the car on.

If a certified mechanic feels safe enough to drive it, and they feel confident enough to put it on the lot, you can bet that the used Honda will last you for the length of time that you plan to keep it. You will obviously have some basic maintenance that will need to be done, but if you take care of the vehicle, it will easily last you without any major repairs being needed.

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