What’s the difference between an open and covered car transporting service

open and covered car transporting service

The open and enclosed car carriers are the most popular methods of transportation cars in USA.

However, both of these methods have certain differences. In this article, you will know everything about open and enclosed auto carriers. It will help you make the right decision in selecting the better option for your budget, your vehicle and special situations. Either way, you have to know auto shipping to save you a lot of time and sanity along the way. Remember, even the biggest names in the transporting industry have their own secrets.

What is an open transporter for cars?

This is the standard method of transportation for cars. Thousands of people and companies use the open auto transport daily when they want to ship their car from one place to another. This type of auto transport is working for any make and model car, unless the automobile is significantly modified. If your automobile is too low or too high, you can still hire open car transports. When you want to ship your auto via the open car carrier, you should remember that your vehicle is exposed to bad weather and natural elements while it is shipped. On the other hand, this service is more affordable and available as a standard option to ship your auto.

So, let’s look at the pros and cons of this transporter for cars:

The pros of the open car transports

The main advantage of open car transport is that this service is much cheaper than the enclosed one. This is the most popular method of shipment, so there are many open auto transports available. An open car carrier transports cars along many routes. This is why it is the most flexible method of shipping your vehicle and you can get this shipping service on brief notice. An open auto transport is less heavy than an enclosed auto transport. It is also faster than the enclosed car transport. It happens because an open car truck can hold many numbers of vehicles, which increases the efficiency of open auto shipping. 7 – 10 vehicles can be loaded onto a two-level truck and shipped at once. Therefore, it saves fuel while the car is in transit. And, of course, it can save you time and money. Open transportation service for cars is perfect for all types of autos. The driver of the truck can easily check your vehicle while on the road and see if everything is well with just a look at the side mirrors.

The disadvantages of the open car carriers

When you transport your car via the open auto transport you need to understand that your car can be exposed to bad weather and natural elements. Your car is not protected from the dust or debris while on the road. The cars on an open car truck are exposed to dust and debris that can cause any damage to the autos.

An enclosed car carrier

So now let’s look at enclosed auto transport. This type of transport is perfect for very expensive, luxury, or vintage cars. An enclosed auto carrier can protect your vehicle from the weather and other elements. An enclosed car transport can become a great option for you if you transport a very expensive or classic vehicle. When you hire an enclosed transportation service for cars, your car is housed in a covered trailer. But you should note that an enclosed auto carrier usually carries only a few vehicles at the same time. So, it could be faster, but in fact there are fewer enclosed car carriers on the road which makes them rare and harder to schedule. Besides this in most cases enclosed car carriers are much more expensive than open ones.

The advantages of enclosed car carriers

When you select an enclosed auto transport, you can be sure that your precis vehicle is more protected from different road damage. It is also protected from bad weather and elements. By the way, this special service includes more personal care from the driver as well. Drivers of enclosed trailers have a lot of experience with luxury cars, and they know how to handle them with care. So it is important to find the most reliable shipping car service that can take good care of your car.

The disadvantages of enclosed transport

An enclosed transport is more expensive than an open one. And this is the main disadvantage of this service. In most cases a covered ​​car transportation service is 10%-30% more expensive than the open car carrier. Also, there are fewer enclosed auto carriers and most enclosed auto carriers handle fewer automobiles. This means pickup and delivery times will be 30% longer than open car carriers.

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