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Rethink the Way You Purchase Your Next Second Hand Car, With Truebil


Are you in search of verified used cars in Mumbai? Well in this case you might be thinking of running either directly to a seller or to a used car dealer expecting that they will get you best second hand car. Well this is where you might be doing mistake as deer and seller might be looking for their own profit and therefore you might be handed over a low performance car at greater price. The case may be much more complicated as you may get indulged in a deal where you have been handed over a under debt or stolen second hand car. Such type of cases are possible if you will go blindly with any of the used car dealer or seller. Nevertheless there is alternative available for purchasing a quality used car easily which we will be talking about in this article.

What is the Alternative?

The answer is Truebil. Truebil is an online marketplace that deals in used cars in Mumbai. It works with the aim to make the second hand car purchasing process much more convenient and hassle free for car buyer. The team of Truebil handles all the car history exploration, negotiation, car paper work on your behalf and you need just need to choose the car that you find suitable for you from a wide range of listings online at Truebil’s portal. Upon selection you can take test drive and all the official paper work would be handled by Truebil with 100% transparency.

Why to Choose Truebil?

There are thousands of benefits of utilizing the car purchasing services of Truebil. Ranging from convenience to low cost used cars, it has multiple positive features that makes it one of the best option for buying used cars in Mumbai. Below are some of the major facilities offered by Truebil are:

Satisfactory Detail Oriented Car Inspection Report

You would obviously be interested first in exploring the car history and inspections to find out the actual condition of the car to be bought. This inspection is done by Truebil on your behalf and you are provided with detailed reports including, scratches, dents, repaints, kilometers used, mileage and more. A thorough mechanical test is also conducted by skilled mechanics and engineers to verify the good condition of the car before it gets listed on the Truebil website. This reflects that a buyer would always be provided with a good condition and worth the price car with Truebil.

Pre-Negotiated Minimum Possible Prices

The Truebil uses depreciation curve method to calculate the market price of a particular used car model. This methods helps the Truebil team to list a used car at its worth price. The depreciation curve at Truebil is updated on regular basis as per the ups and downs in the market value. This is one of the major benefits that one can have nowhere other than Truebil. This helps buyers like you to get your desired used car at minimum possible price.

Best after Sale Services on Sold Cars

The after sale services of Truebil are also one of the great attractions that may prove really helpful for a second hand car purchaser. This marketplace serves with insurance renewal, easy financing and emergency response services for all its sold used cars in Mumbai. All these are signs of professional and highly organized used car marketplace that Truebil is known as.

Easy Car Comparisons

While purchasing a second hand car, sometimes you may get struck between several car models. And it becomes really difficult that which one to choose. With Truebil you can also make thorough comparisons between various car models simultaneously. The comparison feature of Truebil lets you compare all the features of 2 or 3 cars at once and thus this makes your selection process easier. On the basis of comparisons you can identify the car that could be much more suitable to you.

All these features offered by Truebil makes this platform a must use marketplace for your next second hand car purchase. So if you are in search of best used cars in Mumbai, just get registered to Truebil and explore their inventory of 100% certified and authentic cars listed online at most affordable rates. You would definitely not think of going elsewhere for buying a used car in Mumbai.

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