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We all understand the benefits for longevity of getting our vehicles regularly maintained and having the oil and filters changed periodically, but many of us are wary of using a main dealer, whose price structure seems horrifically expensive, but at the same time loath to allow someone who calls himself a mechanic to be entrusted with the task either. Finding the right servicing, maintenance and repair specialists who will do a good job, and charge a fair price, can be a challenge. Though of course, it doesn’t have to be. With a few simple precautions, finding the right company to service your vehicle can be a relatively simple matter.

First Things to Look For

Obviously you want to choose a place that has a proven track record of reliability and that they are accustomed to working to certain standards. The first question to ask is if they are certified to perform MOT’s. To do so a garage must be Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency ( DVSA ) approved. Such garages must keep up to date with all changes to legislation, and ensure their staff are able to keep you informed about how they impact you. An MOT garage knows exactly what you need to do to your vehicle to keep it roadworthy. Secondly, check to see if they are Motor Industry Code of Practice approved for service and repair. Other trade body associations are a good sign, though these first two are absolutely essential, to know you will have the work done that is needed, it will be done properly and you will not be overcharged for such works.

Range of Vehicles Accepted

It is reassuring when you take your vehicle in to meet a knowledgeable mechanic, who understands your car, regardless of make and model. Ideally, the premises they work from will be sizeable, to enable them to work swiftly and efficiently on a range of vehicles simultaneously. If they don’t have sufficient trained staff to look at your problem swiftly, you have to question who is actually going to be doing the work and if it will be done well. You can rely on MH Autos in Peterborough, to give you the sort of service you want.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Aside from the basic servicing of your vehicle, using a garage that undertakes every aspect of vehicle maintenance and repair is reassuring that they fully understand every aspect of how your car fits together and works. Breakdown and recovery service is always something nice to know your local garage can assist with, as often the car breaks down at an inconvenient time and in a poor location. A full crash repair service, means a simple dent, or a major repair can all be done by the same company. Check to see if they operate fleet services. When a company with multiple vehicles has put their faith in a garage in keeping them mobile, it normally augers well.

You will have many options in your local area for servicing and repair. If you carefully follow the above suggestions in making your selection, you should have smooth and trouble free motoring, without major problems, for the foreseeable future.

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