Five Things to Keep in Mind when Shipping Your Car Cross-Country


Moving base can be a harrowing task any day, especially when you have cars to relocate too. While automobile shipping companies smoothen out the process exponentially, there are certain points to keep in mind before picking a service right off the bat.

Double-check the Proposed Quote

Quotes, especially the ones estimated online, are subject to variation depending on the location, accessibility, and delivery date of the order. A shorter distance may cost you more than a longer one if the location is off-route or inaccessible by easy road. Before finalizing the deal – that is, before making the non-refundable advance payment – ensure that every part of the shipping cost is included in the proposed price to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end.

Do not Sniff out the Cheapest

Cheapest is not a factor you want to look for when dealing with the transportation of your vehicles. Fuel isn’t cheap, nor does the responsibility of handling strangers’ cars come easy. When you come across prices that appear too good to be true, trust your instinct and either steer clear or probe deeper.

Instead, Sniff out Loopholes in the Insurance Policy, if any

This point cannot be emphasized enough. Every car shipping service should ideally come with insurance against damage, but exactly what kind and degree of damage this includes is important to examine before trusting your vehicles with the company., for instance, covers an insurance of full replacement value in case of impairment while the vehicle is in their custody. Confirm the mutually observed condition of the car before departure to restrict possibilities of losing reimbursement for dents and scratches.

A reminder to those planning on loading their car trunks with odds and ends, hoping for a free ride: the insurance does not cover the safe-keeping of your pillows and crockery, and the company cannot be held responsible for any damage or misplacement.

Be Wary of Brokers

The upside of hiring a middle-man is that it takes off your shoulders the enormous hassle of hunting available services, negotiating the dates and the miscellany, as various options are brought forth and catalogued before you by the broker. Do not, however, transfer full control of the operation to the broker as he may not bear responsibility, should there be any unfortunate glitches.

Don’t Buy Delivery Date Guarantees

Even if a service provider gives it to you in writing, understand that delays are highly likely due to innumerable reasons such as road blocks, hang-ups,etc; not to mention that your car is not the only order which the company is undertaking at that given time. Arrange for the dispatch of your vehicle ahead of time if you think you will need the car immediately at your new address.

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