3 Things You Should Know Before Getting Into the Trucking Industry

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Australians are becoming more and more vulnerable in the workplace. Layoffs and staff reduction efforts seem to be taking place all across the job market. It doesn’t have to affect you, though. While the job market can be finicky, a number of strategies can help you get a leg up on the competition if your number finally does come up.

Training in a new field now can help you land on your feet if you are forced out or simply are growing tired of your work and decide to seek out a new, exciting opportunity elsewhere. Truck driving is an exhilarating change of pace, and the industry reportedly is in desperate need of new drivers. Estimates suggest that freight needs will double in the coming years, and recruitment will need to increase by 150 percent to keep up.

Unparalleled Job Security

With the trucking industry lagging behind demand for constantly moving products, training and getting started in trucking couldn’t be easier. Along with a straightforward and laid-back set of entry requirements, thousands of jobs for new and seasoned truckers are out there waiting to be claimed. This means airtight job security and the prospect of generous incentives and bonuses. So now is the perfect time to seek out training to earn your HR licence in Brisbane. In some cases, the training can be completed in just a day, getting you out onto the road with little delay.

Trucking gets you out from behind the desk and lets you be your own boss. A driver commonly sets his own schedule and takes time off if something comes up. On top of that, the skills learned in driving school are unique to only a select few, meaning that even if you need an extended break from work to take care of personal affairs, you will be able to find work when you are able to come back.

Benefits Beyond the Cash

Along with the knowledge that you will be able to hold on to your new job, you can be secure in your financial future, too. Truck drivers make great money, and can see bonuses stack up by completing speedy or extra routes. But the benefits extend beyond the pay. Drivers are often taken far off the beaten path and get to see parts of the country they normally would never get to visit. Hidden gems tucked away all across the country that are simply never seen by most Australians.

Instead of staring at the same office wall all day, you will get to enjoy the open air of the countryside and take in the spectacular sites that lie just outside the range of convenience for most of your friends and former colleagues.

Not all Licences are Created Equal

Numerous driving licences are available, and they don’t all give you access to the same work. The first step in launching your driving career is to understand the type you will need. Light, Medium and Heavy Rigid driving licences are available to current drivers experienced behind the wheel of a car for at least a year.

If you plan to embark on a new career in trucking, choosing the right qualification is critical. A Heavy Rigid (HR) licence is what you will need to get started. Light and Medium tickets have their own merits but will hold you back when it comes to driving as a career. The LR qualification is good for driving RVs and similar styled vehicles. Also, the MR licence grants driving privileges with larger two-axle vehicles, but falls short of the requirements for many jobs you would be considering.

The Heavy Rigid Truck licence is the highest qualification you can hold without prior trucking experience and gives you access to three-axle rigs. It is the go-to qualification for drivers hoping to start in the mining or construction business, as well as in more broad trucking opportunities.

Getting your HR licence will prove that you are capable and confident in the skills you will need to drive safely and efficiently in a large and difficult piece of machinery. It will get you energized to start your new career traveling the country and making great money at the same time.

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