5 Reasons To Choose A Malayan Car Insurance Over Others


Life is so uncertain these days. Everyone is busy with their own life. Not only human life is uncertain, no one can guarantee the security of lifeless objects.You’re out in the market and there’s no assurance that your house is safe, that ithasn’t burned down to a pile of ashes. While accidents are quite unexpected, sometimes they just can’t be avoided.

After getting a job, a house,  getting married and having children, one might desire to have a car. It is a basic necessity of life these days. Supposeyou are on the road in your car, enjoying your trip to Los Angeles and itgets hit by something or you stop at a tuck shop near some gas station and when you come back, it’s gone. What would you do now?

You have lost thousands of dollars in a glimpse. What if someone claims that you can get it back or that you can get someone else to pay for all the charges.What would be your reaction? Yes—that sigh of relief, that satisfaction of being secured. You can have it for your lifetime. All you have to do is to register for Malayan car insurance.

The Malayan insurance company was founded in 1930’s and has been progressing since. It’s the leading non-life insurance company in the Philippines. Despite being a non-life insurance company yet it provides life security for the Malayan car insurance clients if It celebrated its 85thanniversary in 2015. The company has an extensive network comprising of 34 branches spread nationwide. By getting your car insured by the Malayan car insuranceyou can protect yourself, your passengers and your car. It provides you and your car security both on and off the road.

  1. Not only they take responsibility of your car’s future, they also offer zero car insurance quotes. Now a person may wonder what car insurance quotesare. It’s a part of business vocabulary. Insurance quote basically is an affirmation related to the amount of money that any insurance company estimates as the price of providing insurance. If you apply online right now on the website you can get if for free.
  2. They not only compensate the loss due to the accidents, but in case of thefts too they cover up for the expenses. Whether the damage is self inflicted due to an accident or damage caused by any other third party.
  3. They’ll compensate not only the loss of the car, but they’ll assure the benefits of the passengers riding in it. The benefit, they enjoy are provided in the following case: Death, Permanent disablement or dismemberment, Medical or surgical treatment.
  4. They offer minimal premium of only PHP 600.00, which is the lowest rate demanded by this company as compared to other insurance companies.
  5. The company offers third party liability cover. All the registered vehicles enjoy compulsory third party liability, i.e. company will pay for all the loss, injury or damage of the third party involved.
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