The Most Common Truck Accidents


A few of the most common types of truck accidents are listed below. These accidents include Rear-end collisions, Rollovers, and Side-wipe accidents. To avoid these types of accidents, trucking companies should be proactive in daily inspections and maintenance. Misfunctioning equipment can cause serious damage and injuries to other drivers. Listed below are some ways to prevent truck accidents. Once you have read the information below, you can make sure your truck is properly maintained.

Side-wipe accidents

While side-swipe collisions can be relatively minor, the secondary impact may be catastrophic. Drivers may overcorrect, swerve, or roll over in an attempt to avoid colliding with another car. This can result in severe injuries. Whether a driver is at fault or not, a sideswipe collision can cause severe damage to both vehicles. And, if the driver was careless, they may even hit other drivers.

Rear-end collisions

There are a number of reasons why rear-end collisions are among the most common types of truck accidents. Whether a trucker is in violation of DOT regulations or a road rage driver fails to check his or her blindspot, a rear-end collision may be a result of one of these factors. Truck accident lawyers may work with truckers to establish fault in rear-end collisions.

Underride accidents

Underride accidents often occur when a passenger vehicle hits a commercial truck from behind. The truck may stop abruptly, but a car that slides under the trailer can damage the upper portion of the car. Approximately 70% of fatal truck accidents involve under-ride. Accidents of this type are extremely dangerous because the truck may not be stopped at the time of the crash and the passenger vehicle could become lodged underneath the trailer.

Rollover accidents

Many of the causes of truck rollovers are preventable according to an experienced rollover truck accident lawyer. Common errors include speeding, inexperience, and unsafe driving conditions. Failure to secure a load can also contribute to rollovers. Inexperienced or distracted drivers can also contribute to rollover accidents. Proper education can help truck drivers avoid these common mistakes. These mistakes can lead to devastating consequences for other motorists on the road. A rollover accident can also cause severe injury to those on the roadway.

Tire blowouts

Truck accidents are often caused by tire blowouts. Blowouts can be the result of driver error, inclement weather, or faulty tires. Regardless of the cause, it is vital for vehicle operators to maintain and repair their vehicle properly. Drivers should regularly check their vehicle’s tires and perform routine maintenance to keep it in good condition. It is also imperative that truck drivers pay close attention to the road and surroundings.

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