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Whether you only use your vehicle to commute to work and then home again or take it on road trips twice a year, the fact remains that a used car is the best option in nearly any case. There are a number of significant reasons that you save more money by buying a used car, including everything from the cost of the vehicle to the fact that you may choose models as new as last year and still save up to 20%. The benefits quickly speak for themselves whenever you need to find a new car, or at least new to you, and you may even have enough money left over to make a few upgrades to the vehicle.

Why You Save Money

  • A car is considered “used” the moment that the purchase is finalised and the vehicle is driven off the lot. A Dacia supplier in Honiton will help you to make the best choice in regards to the price.
  • Once a car is considered used, it will drop in value by as much as 20% immediately, meaning that your car will lose thousands off its value before you place the first kilometre on the odometer if you get it new.

Still New

You may easily find used cars with minimal use and only one previous owner; some of the available options were built as recently as last year. Since you save 20% or more when buying used, you get to enjoy a gently used car with all of the latest technology for thousands less than the same car considered new. At the end of the day, this is enough to make buying used the only option worth considering.

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