What is a Tractor Mower and How Does it Help a Farmer


As the traditional old song goes:

“One man went to mow, went to mow a meadow,

One man and his dog, went to mow a meadow,

Two men went to mow, went to mow a meadow” and on and on…..

Nowadays it’s Always Just One Man and His Mower

So, what exactly is a mower anyway and how does a mower help the modern farmer? Well, a tractor mower is a mower attachment that works together with a tractor and can be easily detached when not required. Usually, the mower attachment is located underneath the tractor or pulled behind the tractor, depending on the type. Most landscape tractors have the mower underneath, whereas the larger commercial mowers will pull the mower behind them.

The Kioti WD Series tractor in Lincolnshire is powered by a drive that involves belts and wheels and when a mower is attached to the tractor, the belt drive can be engaged. This spins the blades and then the mower starts to do its job. The tractor mower can also be detached without having to turning off the tractor’s engine in practically all cases.

Differences in Technique

  • The pull-behind tractor mower works in the same manner to those with the mower below.
  • Normally, the only difference is in the way the mower is fixed to the tractor.
  • Some also have the ability to counterbalance with the tractor, which can be a real benefit if mowing ditches and other difficult obstacles and is one of the best advantages to a tow behind mower.

Of the various kinds of lawn mowers available, the tractor mower is nowadays one of the most favoured to utilise in areas where there is plenty of land to cover. Using an old fashioned push mower definitely becomes real labour intensive and unworkable.

Making Turning Simpler

Although these great little riding lawn mowers do a really good job of cutting the grass, there do have some limitations, especially on points like manoeuvring in tight spaces. And that’s why, so many people are now going for zero turn mowers, which can simply turn on a pivot point positioned on or nearby the tractor. These have become particularly popular with garden care service, simply due to savings in time and labour.

There are two major factors to think about if you’re looking at buying a tractor mower, especially in the case of a lawn tractor:

Cutting width

  • The wider the width, the more area will be covered. But, this may affect one’s manoeuvrability.


  • Usually, improved horsepower goes with wider cutting paths, although this is not always true.

Anyone who is interested in a tractor mower should do the research and find a tractor and mower that is perfectly suitable for all of your needs. After you have contacted a reliable company who deals in top quality products, don’t be shy to ask them any questions that you may have before making your choice of product.

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