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Optional insurance for the rental car

insurance for the rental car

But this insurance does not cover your own damages or other incidents, because they have some franchises that would force you to pay, in your case, really important amounts that can range from 500 to 1,000 Euros. Therefore, check it out   and to avoid possible unpleasantness, I always prefer to extend the insurance coverage covering said franchise, that if, with the relevant additional cost with lax car rental respect to the initial price.

Is it value paying the permit for the rental car?

One more dissimilar method is that offered by some company, specially, car rental marketing. You can hire an additional insurance franchise for which you will be paid the amount that you can claim the rental company in case of having an incident with the vehicle. The amount of this insurance of the excess for damages comes to suppose about 10 percent of the initial price. Of course, read the “fine print”, that is, the terms and conditions of this insurance to know the exceptions.

Requirements to rent a car

To rent a car you need to have a credit card type Visa (EYE, not debit), because that is the means of payment with which they will charge all costs.

Both  those initially hired, as well as possible future expenses, such as traffic fines or repair costs of possible damages suffered by the vehicle.

The minimum age to rent a car is usually 21 years, and if you are between 21 and 24 years old, you may be charged a surcharge.

Cancel car rental reservation

If you are not going to travel at all and you have to cancel the reservation, you can usually do it without charge up to 48 hours before the scheduled time for the collection of the vehicle.

Collection of the rental car

The most usual place to pick up the rental car is usually the airport or the train station of the city where you travel, although you can also do it in the offices that are in other places in the center of it.

When you reach your purpose to pick up the car, you may not have obtainable units of the exact model you have requested, so they will deliver a model of the same category (or size).

Gasoline in the rental car

In general, the rental car will be delivered with a full tank , and you will have to return it in the same conditions.

Before delivering it, it is totally worth stopping at a gas station to complete the deposit because, otherwise, you will be charged an estimated amount of this cost, which is always much higher.

Another option that they will offer you is that you pay the amount corresponding to, for instance, 85 percent of the cost of filling the put, which will save you

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