Do You Need to Hire a Van

Hire a Van

If you are involved in a small removal, it may be in your interest to hire a van to save on costs and ensure success in the venture. Most vans used for this purpose are manual vans. They are regularly serviced by the leasing company.

For a small van move, you will typically not be moving any major furnishings. However, this type of vehicle can be used to move cartons or boxes with a great deal of speed. That is why this type of vehicle is often chosen by students or people moving a small office space.

What You Can Transport

Contact a car and truck leasing and contract hire in Kent to hire a van for moving the following:

  • Sports bags
  • Boxes
  • Small furnishings, such as an ottoman or a small bookcase
  • Suitcases

Donations and Storage

You will need to hire a larger truck if you are moving large furniture or a single or double bed. Therefore, you need to determine exactly what you need to move before you hire any vehicle for relocation. If you wish to donate some items, you may want to schedule a van for that activity first. You can also use a van hire to transport excess items to storage.

Whilst you can book a van at just about any time, it is always a good idea to plan ahead. If you want to give yourself some added leeway, you should book your van several days before you plan on moving house or office. This will reduce the stress of moving and will ensure that your relocation needs are met.

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