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Enquiries You Must Make Before Selecting The Windshield Replacement Expert


Selecting a reliable windshield replacement expert requires deep probe. You cannot hand over your vehicle just like that to any person who claims to be aware of in and out of the replacement technique; the expertise has to reflect in the work done. Looking at the wind shield replacement cost and the long-lasting repercussions of this job, it is advisable to make following enquiries before signing the deal.

Common enquiries but far-fetching results

You car needs the best hand when it comes to windshield replacement job. So, decide upon these points while taking decision regarding this service:

  • Certified professional: If the service provider has earned certification from the regulatory authorities, then it is safe to assume that he practices the highest standards of service and has proven expertise in windshield replacement.
  • Warranty for the service: If the expert is willing to offer you warranty on the work done, it is certainly a breather. You get coverage against the faulty work done and need not pay again for leakages.
  • Glass type: Companies that choose OEM glass over Aftermarkets may prove to be a bit costlier, but since former goes through stringent quality checks, it certainly is more reliable and durable.
  • Adhesive type: You must know that butyl tape is a very inferior grade adhesive and is considered a big no-no amongst quality replacement service provider. So, ensure that the expert uses only high grade quality adhesive for longer effect, else a small accident may bring down the whole windshield again.
  • Properly trained technicians: Technicians given the job must be trained thoroughly on the usage and properties of adhesives, types of moldings used for windshield and on various other aspects of windshield replacement.
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