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How to Scrap Your Car

Scrap Your Car

If you have an old vehicle wasting away on your property, scrapping it is a great idea. Many people simply don’t want to go through the trouble of fixing up older vehicles, so there’s no point in having a hulking piece of iron and steel on your property. You can easily scrap it with a local company. Scrapping your car actually has a few benefits that you should know about as well. Here are some major benefits:

  • Tax write-offs
  • You can get some monetary value in exchange
  • It’s better for the environment

If you want to scrap your car in Hinckley, here’s a brief guide to help you.

Find a Local Scrapper

You can check with a salvage yard or search online for different companies that offer scrapping services throughout the city. Then, just pick up the phone and give them a call. They will ask you for details regarding the car’s condition and the make and model. Give them everything, and they will give you an estimate for the scrapping.

Schedule a Pickup

Most companies don’t charge a fee for scrapping the vehicle. Even if the car is completely busted, they can simply take apart the metal, crush it, and then sell it off to local recycling companies. But, if you are getting value for the car, great! If you are satisfied, you can just set a date and time and the company will send a tow truck to pick up the vehicle. They will also give you a receipt for the tax write-off.

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