Tips for Using Technology While Working On Your Car


We have all heard it, technology is taking over. Almost every facet of our lives is not being touched and manipulated by technology. From ordering food at a restaurant to buying soles for your shoes, technology has become involved in some sort of way. It’s really a great thing, despite having some negative consequences. It has helped a lot of people in need, and it makes people’s everyday lives more convenient and enjoyable. Technology is supposed to be our friend. In the cause of working on your car, there are actually a few ways that technology has come into play.

There’s the obvious head lamp. Can you imagine what it was like working on your car before there was a headlamp? If you were working on your car at night, in a darker garage, or simply in a dark place, but you didn’t have a head lamp you would have to hold a flashlight with one of your hands! That takes away half of your workforce, and I’m sure life was difficult for any mechanic or car enthusiast working on a classic car. Another good example is the applications that have come out for smart phones and tablets that help you while working on your car. There is an application that can tell you the exact amount of transmission fluid, or the exact amount of fresh oil in your car. There are all sorts of applications out there, and they’ve made working on your car better. Another sweet invention that has helped out people working on their car are magnetic snap glasses. These are glasses that can break apart upon contact. A lot of people complain about breaking eyewear when they are working on their car and a tool or piece of the car hits their face. Well, these magnetic snap on glasses are designed to separate upon contact. It’s great for anyone stuck under a car but that needs glasses.

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