Different Lifting equipment for heavy duty vehicles

Different Lifting equipment for heavy duty vehicles

Cars, trucks, vans have become a necessity in the world today, there are even hardly any individuals left who take a bicycle anywhere, or even walk unless they do not have the access to a much of a vehicle. However, owning a vehicle can be easy but maintaining one is definitely not, you would know if you do own a vehicle as well. Despite our knowledge of our beloved vehicle, there is a time when it needs to be taken to a mechanical garage for a thorough check.

In a garage, you would know that cars and vehicle lifts such as the mobile column lifts for standard vehicles are extremely important and their type and quality determines your safety. Your knowledge of them will only allow you to be more careful and vigilant about your vehicle and its type.

2 Post car lifts: it is one of the standard methods of vehicle lifting used during service of the undercarriage, these can even be useful for home mechanics. The device consists of two steel bar beams which are used to lift the car from the bottom. Most of these are built to be strong enough to support large vehicles such as trucks as well as cars etc.

It further includes two categories, Symmetrical and Asymmetrical. The major difference between the two involves that the symmetrical lift same length 4 arms with a narrow space for a car to enter smoothly. Whereas the Asymmetrical one has longer rear arms and shorter front arms, to begin with.

4 Post Lift: in areas where space is a hindrance, the 4 post lifts are best considered there. Similar to the name, it consists of 4 hydraulic posts with a thing called the vehicle table which is able to lift a vehicle and allows another vehicle for drive-in storage.

Alignment Lift: these mostly mimic the design and functionality of the 4 post lift but comes with additional features which include multiple locking positions of the vehicle table with rotatable ramps for the accessibility of the undercarriage. Yet again another helpful tool for the small garages and limited areas.

Bridge Jacks: these are considered to be more of accessories than proper equipment for lifting. It adds on to your 4 post lift station to be turned into a wheel service station as it is suitable to raise about 2-4 wheels off of the runways for service. Since the equipment is small and convenient in size, it can be portable and put away when not needed.

Scissor Lift: however for space deficient workshops and garages, the scissors are the ultimate option. It comes with a portable power pack which makes it more than convenient to be utilized almost anywhere when needed for quick yet in-depth service. It occupies less space than the other permanent lifters but can even hold a vehicle of approximately 6000 pounds with a small footprint. The lift can even be customized for different purposes by the mechanic by utilizing the re-adjustable arm feature.

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