Tips for You to Purchase Shock Absorber in China

Tips for You to Purchase Shock Absorber in China

There are three tips for you when you would like to purchase shock absorber in China.

◆ Installation Dimension

In China, Most suppliers develop the shock absorber for aftermarket according with OE parts, famous brand samples. The samples may come from different countries or customers. OE No. is the most accurate to identify the part. But sometimes, it is difficult for the supplier identify them for car parts aftermarket. KYB No. is more popular to Chinese supplier to identify the car parts. In fact, most of Chinese supplier developed the shock absorber by KYB samples. Of course, they also develop with OE parts, Monroe, SACHS, and some other brand samples, but not much. In this condition, if you give your supplier the OE No. and other famous brand No., too. Most Chinese suppliers prefer to identify the KYB No. first, then the OE No., Monroe, SACHS and other brand NO.. The supplier use different samples to develop the shock absorber, so the same car models may have slight differences in appearance and dimension. Normally, these differences are acceptable for car parts aftermarket. It will not affect the shock absorber fit on the car and using. But sometimes, we can also find that the dimension is wrong, the shock absorber can’t fit on the car, and can’t be using. This is one of the most common quality problems. In order try to avoid this problem, the purchasing manager should give the supplier the right KYB No. / OE No. in your market. In our company, most of our products are develop with the Monroe and KYB samples. So in our quotation sheet, we also add the car application data for customer reference.

◆ Oil Leakage.

Our shock absorber adopts the NOK seal, and unique valves systems. The oil leakage is rare in our two years warranty time.

◆ Noises.

Our shock absorber is test on the road, normally, it will not happen for the noises.

If you have any other questions, when you purchasing shock absorber in China, please feel free to contact me via email: [email protected]

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