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Some days the sun can shine profusely. When it does, it can be difficult to see through your windscreen. Glare can cause accidents. Therefore, windscreen tinting makes it easier to see when driving. When you choose a company that offers this service, they should also provide windscreen installation and repair. By selecting a company that specialises in windscreen modifications or fittings, you can feel more confident about having a tint applied to the glass.

Windscreen Tinting Benefits

Today, professionals accomplish window tinting by using a tinted film. Coloured films are provided in five shades and are featured in premium grades. Window tinting your car in Colchester also offers a few significant advantages. These benefits include the following:

  • Heat reduction. A tinted windscreen film keeps an auto cooler on a sunny day. In turn, you do not have to use your air conditioning as often. When you reduce your AC use, you also minimise fuel consumptions.
  • A reduction in glare. Tinted films cut the glare of the sun and minimise the dazzle from other cars when driving at night. The film keeps babies safe from the harmful effects of UV rays as well. Any trip is more visually comfortable when the tint is used on the windscreen.
  • Increased security and privacy. The addition of a tinted film also increases safety. When the tint is installed, it wards off thieves. People cannot see what you have in your car. Also, if you are involved in a vehicular mishap, the film provides a coating that keeps the broken glass intact.
  • A better appearance. When you add tinting to a windscreen, the car takes on a whole new look – one that gives it the look of a top-of-the-range vehicle.
  • Rejection of UV rays. When a tinted film is added, it also cuts out almost all the sun rays (UVA and UVB). These rays can fade your car’s interior. Your risk of skin cancer is also significantly reduced.
  • The film is backed by a guarantee. When a tinted film is applied, it comes with a guarantee – one that promises protection against colour degradation or fading.

Applying the Tinting

The tinting process is not performed using a mobile service to avoid problems with airborne pollutants. Instead, you need to take your car to a provider that offers windscreen tinting. Professionals undertake the work in a clean, temperature-controlled room – one where the smallest of airborne particles are removed.

A tinting process takes typically from two to five hours overall. Professionals cut and shrink the films before they fit them into the vehicle. While the law provides regulations concerning tinting the front and side of car windows, you can tint the back windows as dark as you prefer.

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