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When Was Your Car Last Serviced and Tuned?

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The fact is that most of us depend heavily on our cars to get us around. We use them to get to work and back, to take the kids to school and pick them up, for leisure activities on weekends, and for those holiday getaways. Life is busy for most people and this means that the average car probably doesn’t quite get the attention and tender loving care that it deserves. Of course, it is inevitable that things will go wrong with our vehicles and this is when we’ll need to utilise the services of an expert mechanic.

How to Know What Is Wrong with Your Car

Whether you’re looking for car radiator repairs in Stoke-on-Trent or just a general oil change, it’s good to understand what your car wants. While it is true that most of us don’t know much at all about cars, let alone how an engine works, a little basic knowledge will go a long way.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to have a car serviced at least a few times a year. If the car is driven a lot, it is probably more prudent to have it serviced once every three months. This gives the mechanic a chance to change oil, check brakes, check how the engine is running, and check the tyres. In this sense, regular servicing will ensure that the car is running optimally most of the time.

Of course, there are times when things go wrong without much warning but it is good to have at least some knowledge. Here are some typical warning signs that your car needs to go in for servicing or repairs:

  • Choking on Start: Very common cold weather, when the car engine seems to stutter and take a while to fire up, it usually means that the battery needs to be replaced.
  • Steering Wheel: Vibrations are a normal part of the driving experience but when the steering wheel vibrates more than normal, it is a sign that the tyres may need to be aligned and balanced. If this is left too long, uneven wear will occur and new tyres will need to be fitted.
  • Brakes: Over time, brake pads will wear down and need to be replaced. If you hear a scraping noise when braking or if the brake pedal is very soft and needs to be pushed hard to the floor, get it into a mechanic as soon as possible.
  • Power Steering: In days gone by, no car had power steering and turning them was not always easy! Modern power steering systems use a special fluid that enables them to work. When this fluid is too low, the system can make an awful screeching noise when full steering wheel lock is engaged at low speeds.

Keeping Your Car Dependable

Cars make our lives easier and allow us to get from one town to another. Regular servicing by a qualified mechanic will ensure that your car runs just as it should!

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