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What Is the Difference between a Class 4 and a Class 7 MOT

MOT test

For the first three years of your vehicle’s life, you do not need to get an MOT. However, after three years, you will need to have an MOT done every year. There are several different classes of MOT, but the two most common are class 4 and class 7. The type of vehicle you have depends on which class it is in; furthermore, some vehicles are exempt from the different tests. Here is how that classification breaks down.

Classes of MOT

MOT testing centres in Erith typically offer both class 4 and class 7 tests.

  • A class 4 MOT is the most common type of test. These tests are for cars that carry up to eight passengers, ambulances, taxis, and other passenger vehicles.
  • Other class 4 vehicles are goods-carrying vehicles that have weight limits up to 500 kg.
  • A class 7 MOT is for vehicles that weigh between 3,000 kg and 3,500 kg.
  • These are commonly work vans and larger people carriers.

If you’re not sure what type of vehicle you have, you should head to an MOT testing centre and ask. They’ll be happy to let you know what class your vehicle falls under.

Exempt Vehicles

A few classes of vehicles are actually exempt from MOT testing. If you don’t know if yours is exempt, then you should also go to a testing centre and ask. Vehicles made before January 1, 1960 are exempt from MOT testing. Vehicles that are three years old and younger are also exempt. A few more classes of vehicles such as electric goods vehicles and police issue vehicles are also exempt.

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