Vision G: The Future Concept Car from Genesis

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Genesis has always taken pride in its intricate craftsmanship and design precision in every aspect to massage your soul and strives to create a platonic bond between the driver and the ride. Utterly focused on design, brand Genesis endeavors to go beyond just stylish lines and pampers its customers with luxury, to make you feel royal. The Vision G Concept from Genesis is one such luxury coupe that was brought out as a preview of what’s to come, embodying style, luxury, architecture, intelligence and looks modern and right out of a science fiction movie. Its performance combined with safety and reliability are the hallmarks of the Genesis brand.

The Outside

From the first glance, when we saw the Vision G Concept in the Maple Shade Genesis dealership center, it enticed us with its progressive looks, stretched hood, abridged beltline and sleek cabin that makes it look like its ready to surge ahead the moment you release the brakes. Its sharp lines and cut edges give it that quirky character that makes you feel it would cut through air.

The rear of the vehicle is aligned towards the lower side complemented by sharp cuts and voluminous bumper making it appear fast as in some classic sport cars, but at the same time emphasizing luxury.

The front of the vehicle sports a large and bold grille aesthetically placed amidst suave headlights. The beauty of the design is enhanced by the flowing lines across the side of the car between the head and tail lights fully complementing the looming body.


The interiors of the vehicle are highly sophisticated and lined luxuriously with leather and trimmed wood and enamors you with its plushness, graceful patterns and richness. Technology is seamlessly integrated into the Vision G’s elegant interiors. The Central Control Point (CCP) gesture-controlled input device is one such innovative feature that’s incorporated for drivers can use effortlessly. The design is still human centric, intuitive to use and helps you monitor various aspects through the large curved display deftly incorporated with the cluster and navigation that subtly seduces your senses and tempts to play with it.

Power and Performance

The Vision G is not limited to good looks and luxury and goes far into the power and performance factor and not without breaking some taboos of the current hybrid power trends which hinge upon the strict emission requirements. As revealed by the Genesis dealer serving Maple Shade, this luxury coupe inherits its parental heritage of the revolutionary Tau V8 5.0-liter engine that can churn out an overwhelming 429 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 376 lb. ft. of torque at 5,000 rpm. This couples with an eight-speed transmission built in-house at Hyundai. This generously adds enhanced acceleration, smooth as silk shifting and improves transmission efficiency by as much as 6 percent over its predecessor six-speeds.


We know this is just the beginning of the journey with this spirited luxury coupe. The idea behind such a design is the core of Hyundai’s design philosophy that expertly balances performance and luxury without compromising sophistication through over emphasizing the lines by excess use of chrome, glitz and shine as in most luxury brands.

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