Getting A Car Is the New Normal

Car Is the New Normal

A recent research shows that millennials weigh new cars over travelling abroad.

The German car industry has been dominating the world for a significant period of time, followed by a thriving car servicing industry that attracts a regular group of car owners who love their cars over public transport. In the essence, car services such as car repairing, maintenance, MOT testing, Road Assistance as well as Business and Fleet Service are the reasons why people still want to own a car.

Services that count

Unsurprisingly, everyone wants to enjoy the best service while driving his dream car at an optimal level. At Mercedes Hinhead’s service spot, there are three things attracting the “ME” generation who wants to have tailor-made services to make a day well spent.

As easy as it sounds, it’s probably the most convenient option to “drop & go”–dropping the car off at the service spot to begin a hectic day in the morning. At the expense of the professional team, the car owner can collect his car later during the day, without spending much time to actually wait for the regular process of maintenance and repairing.

If hustle and bustle is no option for a layback person, then the lounge inside the service point is a fantastic way to look for the excellent service offered by Mercedes Hinhead. Nowadays, the benchmark of services raises above, just giving out the best practice to deliver the product, but the humanistic element is also crucial to ensure the basic needs of the customers are fulfilled such as getting a free Wi-Fi, being served refreshments, and, if applicable, taking care of their kids with a kid’s zone.

When driving comes to the core of actions, Mercedes Hinhead also gives out a loan car to the customers who dropped off their cars at the service point. They can always come back when the cars are ready.

Aftersales Service

Millennials care more about the glamourous appearance of machinery, like everyone does, and prefer experts who can back them up whenever their dream cars do not function well. Mercedes Hinhead has built up a service system which encompasses a wide range of services needed from an interim service to a simple vehicle health check-up.

With expert advice at an affordable price, Mercedes Hinhead’s team offers gleaming workshops across Poole, Guildford, and Basingstoke, ensuring that the MOT test of the new car will be passed with vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required in the UK.

Road Assistance

Behind the pleasure of owning a car, there is always a possibility of breaking down at the roadside. A dedicated service team of Mercedes Hinhead in the UK comes to their customers wherever they are, and offers a range of road assistance, including hotel assistance, on-the-spot repairs, and a replacement car.

Like any millennial who loves cars, the team loves that, too. With more than 30 years of experience, as a genuine Mercedes-Benz retailer, Mercedes Hinhead provides rigorous safety checks with trained technicians to ensure exceptional levels of customer service and after sale services.

Perhaps, the most successful formula of getting the millennials to fall in love with the idea of owning a car is the combination of dedicated services and expert supports offered by Mercedes Hinhead, the British car retailer of Sandown Smart and Mercedes-Benz.

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