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Used BMW Convertible: Why it’s Right for You

Used BMW

Convertibles are quickly becoming a runaway success throughout the UK. More British buyers are seeking drop tops than anywhere else in Europe – notwithstanding Germany. Britain may not have the year-round perfect weather that other countries in the Mediterranean enjoy, but it doesn’t seem to stop Brits from choosing the cabriolet over its hard top alternative.

Luxury cars are often considered “aspirational vehicles”. In other words, vehicles like the BMW are something that many people strive towards purchasing one day in their life. Although a new luxury car is not always within reach, a used luxury car just might be.

BMW Convertible Pros and Cons


One of the greatest benefits of choosing a BMW convertible used is rather simple, for it is enjoying all those beautiful summer days with the top down, relaxing without an enclosing fixed roof to limit your fun or visibility. By the same note, convertibles give you and your passengers a better chance to hear your car’s engine, which can be exciting.

Additionally, most BMW convertibles don’t pose any threat to the vehicle’s performance like some enthusiasts may suggest. It is true that convertibles can be less rigid and weigh more than coupes do, but the difference is almost negligible and won’t be felt on a regular road.


When it comes to convertibles, the drawbacks typically come from their pricing and complexity. However fun and flashy a convertible top may be, they aren’t typically praised for their simple operation. Admittedly, failures in design are rare, but if your warranty runs out, they can be costly to repair.

Benefits of Purchasing a Used Luxury Vehicle

Luxury vehicles are typically filled with nicer materials than their non-luxury counterparts. Walnut wood trims, aluminium inserts, and soft-touch plastics are all but standard in luxury vehicles, and the convertible BMW is no exception. The engines are often larger and more powerful, with more attractive styles. When you test-drive a convertible BMW, you’ll have a tough time stepping down into a non-luxury vehicle.

Besides the handcrafted beauty and design of luxury vehicles, purchasing a used BMW convertible has a number of added benefits of new luxury and non-luxury vehicles alike.

One of the greatest benefits of considering a used luxury vehicle is that you experience much less depreciation. In most cases, the first owner has already taken the biggest depreciation hit.

Some other added benefits of purchasing a used luxury car include being treated like a luxury car owner. If you have your car served at the brand’s dealership, you may have access to a free loaner car as a nice perk. Attending the brand’s dealership will also give you a better selection, wide incentives, and access to new and modern technology offered with your used luxury BMW convertible purchase.

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