Tips For Maintaing Your Bicycles To Get The Best Out Of Them!


Our cycles are our beloved pals, whether you have a mountain bike, a hybrid bike, or an electric bicycle, they hold a special place in our hearts, and we created numerous memories with them. It is important to make sure that these sleek beasts are taken care of, we must care for our bikes in an adequate manner, and it should be done regularly to keep them in top shape. A regular cleaning will ensure that we stay on top of the wear and tear. Let us take a look at a few tips for maintaining our bicycles:

1. A bicycle should be cleaned regularly. While every day cleaning can be done with a soft dusting cloth, however, one must sponge or scrub the bicycle with mild detergent and water. The chain and cogs can be cleaned with a gentle brush. Often, during our rides, our bicycles get debris and dirt on them from the environment. This can be mud or even pebbles, sometimes if we are living in a polluted environment, grime too can make its way to our bicycles. Make sure that you wash your bicycle at least once a week or after a particularly dirty ride.

2. If you want your tires to be strong and long lasting, then you must make sure that they are adequately inflated. Check the pressure on the tire after every ride is crucial. Pump your tires properly or get an expert to do the same for you. If our tires are not pumped properly then they are susceptible to getting punctured.

3. Lubrication of the bicycle is a key point since we need the bicycle to function well. A bicycle that is not lubricated will cause excessive friction and accelerated wear and tear. We don’t want our bicycle looking corroded after a short while the chain, brake and levers, brake assemblies, pedals and derailleurs should be lubricated especially well to always ensure supreme performance. A well lubricated bicycle is the key to a well-maintained bicycle.

4. No one wants to get into an accident, our cycles’ brakes are some of the most important parts of a bike and they should be functioning well. Inspection of brakes are important at every ride, the cables and clamps of brake handle should be in top condition. Brakes, like the rest of the cycles should be cleaned regularly as well.

5. Regular inspections should be done, one must not engage in a lackadaisical attitude and aim at cleaning the bicycle consistently. You must also take the bicycle for a regular servicing and get it checked by a professional. This will ensure a bicycle’s longevity. Consult an expert over proper care tips as well, know the workings of your bicycle from the inside out. build a relationship with it.

6. The more frequently you ride, the more care a bicycle demands. You must be hands on with the care and learn about the different parts and specs. Make sure that your bicycle does not have any loose components and keep all the safety tools handy. We want our ride to be thrilling and not hazardous.

7. When you’re tackling a particularly long trail, make sure that you have you are carrying a proper toolkit. This toolkit should have everything from a first-aid kit to items like portable air pump, this will help you be at the top of any circumstance.

8. With electric bicycle, you must make sure that they are adequately charged at all points. The storage of an e-bike is important, one must not store the bicycle in extreme temperature as it might be damaging to the battery and the motor.

A smooth riding experience is pivotal to owning any bicycle like a mountain bike, a hybrid bike, or an electric bicycle, however, one must take care of bicycles as well should you want to always maintain its performance. While the above tips may seem a lot of hassle, however, think of it as creating a relationship and bond of love, trust and care. A cycle is a buddy and sometimes they require all the love and care.

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