How To Save Money On Truck Maintenance

Save Money On Truck Maintenance

There are a variety of ways to take care of your truck. You can prevent problems and make opportunistic repairs. When you’re driving, map out the closest service station, and plan downtime for routine maintenance. You can also perform minor repairs during downtime, such as replacing a tire. It’s important to remember that preventative maintenance is important for the life of your truck. But even if you’re the only one who can see these issues, you can still save money on truck repair.

Preventive maintenance

There are many benefits of preventive truck maintenance. This type of maintenance will keep you from experiencing unexpected expenses or breakdowns. In addition to reducing the likelihood of breakdowns, preventive maintenance also minimizes the downtime of your truck. It will also maximize the life of individual components. A loose alternator or A/C compressor can lead to unnecessary expenses or even breakdowns. Fortunately, preventive maintenance is an affordable, effective way to protect your truck.

Frequency of routine inspections

Frequency of routine inspections for truck and fleet maintenance varies according to the use and age of vehicles. The manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals are a good starting point. You may also choose to modify the inspection intervals for specific components and vehicles based on your usage and wear patterns. However, every fleet is unique, and you should tailor the frequency of inspections to suit your operations. The table below provides an example of typical inspection intervals in weekly increments. However, if you have experienced operators, you should customize these intervals to suit your work and the needs of your fleet and you will not need to deal with a truck accident lawyer.

Tire rotations

Performing tire rotations on your trucks is an important part of maintaining the vehicle. Not only do rotations make the tires last longer, but they also reduce the strain on your truck’s drivetrain. This can result in improved cornering, braking and overall vehicle performance. Not to mention, a uniform tread depth also lowers the stress on expensive drive components. Performing tire rotations on a regular basis will save you money at the gas station.

Oil changes

When it comes to truck maintenance, oil changes are an essential part of the routine. Your truck’s engine can run much better with a fresh batch of oil. Additionally, oil changes can help protect your engine from the effects of carbon buildup. Getting your oil changed on a regular basis will prevent engine problems and make your truck last much longer. A regular oil change can also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Checking tire pressure

One important aspect of truck maintenance is checking tire pressure. Tires should be inflated at recommended levels at least once a month, ideally in the cold. To make sure your tires are always properly inflated, check the tire and load information label located on the driver’s door pillar. This label will explain the proper tire inflation pressure for your particular vehicle. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular vehicle.

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