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The Signs You Need Your Car Repaired

Car Repaired

Your vehicle goes through several different issues when you are driving it; the hazards of the road are great and varied. That’s one of the many reasons why vehicles immediately start losing their value when you begin driving it. There are hundreds or thousands of moving parts in every vehicle. You need to make sure you are keeping an eye on those different parts for any signs of a problem. Fortunately, most problems will give you some warning before they get too out of control.

Whining at Ignition

If you hear your vehicle making a high-pitched whining noise when you start it, it could be a sign that your fan belt is slipping. Such a problem is one of the most common reasons someone seeks out a car repair company in Reading.

  • When your battery is on or when your engine is running, your fan turns. That rotating fan is turned by a belt.
  • The fan belt is a rubberised belt that has to grip the fan tightly.
  • If it does not grip the fan tightly, it will slip a little bit; as it slips, it will make a high-pitched whining noise.
  • You can often tell it is the fan belt because it will stop after a few minutes. Such stoppage means that the rubber has heated up enough to create a good seal again.

If you’re having fan belt problems, you need to go to a mechanic to make sure it’s not a bigger problem.


If you hear a bumping or a knocking sound under your hood, it means that the fuel is not being combusted entirely. Try a higher octane of fuel; if that doesn’t work, see a professional right away.


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