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The Basics of Dent Repair

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A car panel can be dented in any number of ways. In the 21st century, many vehicles are dented because they are specifically designed to dent easily. The vehicles have what are called crumple zones in them. They are designed to crumple if you collide with something else. That will dissipate the force of the crash throughout the vehicle and not into the passengers. It’s a great boon for your safety when you’re driving. However, it can be a hassle when someone dings your door or a neighbour’s football hits the hood of your car. Either way, you can have it repaired if you take it to a professional who will remove the dent.

Dent Repair

There are several different types of paintless dent repair in Perth. The most common methods fall into two categories; there is removal from inside the panel and from outside the panel. Removal from inside the panel typically involves metal rods, precise measurements, and lights.

The technicians will measure where the dent is in your vehicle. They’ll also measure the size of the dent. They’ll need to find the centre in order to repair it properly. Once they have located all of that, they might use a light to gauge the dent as well. Using a light will allow them to see the precise contours of the dent. Once all of that is done, they will remove the dent. They will remove the dent by pushing a metal rod into the underside of the panel. They will then use that metal rod to push on the inside of the dent and force it out. It’s a fairly effective way to remove some serious dents. If the dent is less serious, it can be done from the outside of the panel.

Outside of the Panel

To remove a dent from the outside of the panel, the technicians will use some kind of adhesive. They might use a glue to attach to the panel of the car. Alternately, they can use a suction cup to actually attach to the door. The suction cup will allow them to then pull the dent from the outside. That is often called pulling a dent. It’s not always very effective for bigger dents or dents in awkward places but it can be useful for small dents in panels.

Paintless repairs are important if the dent is not very serious. Also, it can be important to find a paintless repair if you are going to paint the car panel at some point soon. The car panel will need to have a paintless repair so that you don’t have to paint it twice. That could disrupt the painting process somewhat. A paintless repair of your dent is very useful for many vehicles.

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