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Parts Avatar is here to tell you how to make your Headlights shine bright like new

how to make your Headlights shine bright like new

You are well aware that with the passage of time, your car headlights would start degrading and would soon cloud over. If your lights are not shining bright like they earlier used to, then you must learn how to clean your car headlights.

There are a lot of car headlights which are made up of polycarbonate plastic. This plastic is very durable and scratch resistant. But slowly and gradually with the passage of time, the polycarbonate clouds over and degrades the outermost layer of the plastic. But luckily, there are a lot of products on the market which are designed specially to restore the overall night time vision of your car.

A lot of cars as well as trucks are manufactured these days with headlamp assemblies. The outermost layer of these headlamps is made up of polycarbonate plastic. The plastic used is much lighter than the glass and extremely resistant to stones and cracks. But once it is exposed and then later after few years of exposure to sunlight and various chemicals, the polycarbonate can start getting hazy. If the lenses are neglected, then they would start developing fine cracks which are known are craze. It would make your job of fixing them tough. It is extremely easy to get these assemblies replaced, but sometimes it can be very expensive.

Luckily there is a simple as well as less expensive solution to this problem. The polycarbonate plastic can be easily polished back to a specific surface, just like a brand new one. The best thing here is that this procedure can be done very easily in just half an hour.

Wash your Car

Wash your car properly to remove all the dirt from the surfaces. It would be a good idea to wax it because then drips and droplets would not get accumulated on a waxed surface.

Mask Off

Visit a store and purchase the blue masking tape which would peel off without any problem. Carefully mask the area around the headlamp which should be polished. You can always remove the nearby trim which is made up of chrome finish plastic. The reason behind this is that we would polish the materials which would destroy the chrome.


To scruff away the outermost layer of the haze, a sandpaper is used. This is the most important step of all. When you have completed your task, the entire headlight should be cleared of from the yellowing. Try to cover the entire lens surface by sanding it in one single direction. When you are working, make sure that the surface is wet. Be careful not to damage the car paint and trim. You must scratch until the pits and scratches are gone properly. There is no need of rushing into anything, so do this task with patience.


Sandpaper scratches would be cleaned up with a fine polish and your headlight lenses would be cleared up once again. Make sure that you polish in a circular motion.

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