No Matter How You Choose to Cruise, Just Do It


By John Nassivera

The planning process for activities on a vacation or long weekend can be a challenge, especially if the trip requires a great deal of traveling. This can include just getting to the destination or traveling in between locations that are close but not enough to walk to. This stresses the importance of having a method of transportation ready right away so that you can have as much fun as possible.

Your method will depend not only on where you plan on spending your day, but how many locations are involved, which may require more than one method. So, no matter how you choose to cruise, just do it so that you can have a fun time.


You and your friends may be hoping to spend your time off in a place where the sun is always out and you can work on your tan by a lake or ocean. Whether your vacation will take you to the beaches of the Caribbean or the lakes by the mountains in the Northeastern part of the United States, having a boat, whether you bring your own or rent one, comes in handy a great deal. Not only will this be an easy and practical way to get out on the water, but it is a nice spot for an afternoon spent fishing while you enjoy lunch and a few beers. You may also want to travel to different beaches that are close by in case someone you know happens to be in the area.

If you don’t have your own, check for boats for sale ahead of time so that you can get a good deal and save money for other fun activities that you have planned. The boat of your choosing should be a newer model so that you don’t have to worry about it running out of gas quickly or not being able to reach your destinations. The should also be enough room for everyone in your group to come aboard, and space down below to hang out and watch TV will be a bonus. Your destination could also include small islands for hiking and cliff diving, and they may be far enough from each other where you can’t get there just by swimming. Having a boat will save time and getting from one to the other so that you can do as much in one day as possible.


Some people may be planning a trip with just a couple of friends, a small family, or just themselves for some time alone in a new destination that provides peace and quiet. In this case, a regular car is a reliable method of transportation, as long as you have the money for gas and stops for maintenance in case you have a long drive ahead of you. If you’re taking some friends with you, you should compare cars to see which one can handle the trip the best, as some vehicles may be prepared for gravel, rain and other harsh elements of nature. If you are traveling on your own, then room inside shouldn’t be an issue, but if you are taking three, four, or possible more people along for the ride, then you may want to figure out if anyone in the group has an SUV or similar-sized vehicle. If not, then you may want to see what places in town have rental cars available for your group.

It helps to check out a car dealership before you head out, as renting a car for the vacation could help you find a vehicle that is suited for the occasion. Make sure that the rental fits your budget so that you have money left over for other things you have planned for the trip. Finding a newer model will also help you avoid having to take it in for any issues compared to an older car. It doesn’t hurt to use an older car if it has a proven track record, though you want to collect all of the documents related to its history so that you don’t get ripped off. You may also want to consider just using a rental car once you get to your destination in case you’re taking your normal car to a hotel or friend’s house and then use a more suited vehicle to get to the beach or the mountains.


Those who have some time off coming up and want to travel to somewhere that is only a few hours away may want to go with a cruising option that allows them to enjoy the weather and experience some thrills along the way. That’s where motorcycles come in, as they allow you to take in the warm rays of the sun or stay cool in the windy breezes as you and your friends go on an adventure. This option works as long as you are going somewhere that is expecting to experience pleasant weather during the time you have planned for your vacation. Another benefit is that you can find a way to get around cars that are moving slow on the highway, which helps you and the gang avoid the traffic nightmare than can come with long trips on the road.

Finding a spot such as this Harley Davidson dealership will help you discover the right bike for your needs. Some are designed to go farther distance than others, as well as hold bags and other material that you’ll need for your trip. It helps to find motorcycles that all of your friends can afford so that you can enjoy rides down the highway with the same models. This will ensure that everyone is able to keep up with each other. It is also important for everyone in your group to have motorcycles licenses so that you can not only avoid leaving anyone out of your adventure, but also ensure that everyone knows how to ride and can stay safe for the whole trip. If you happen to know someone who has go on long motorcycle rides before, it will help to get some safety tips so that your group can experience safe rides.


Spending time in the outdoors requires using certain vehicles to get around. Your regular car isn’t going to be able to handle the gravel roads of the deserts and mountains the same way larger alternatives can. That’s why you should stick with a truck if you have a fishing or hunting trip planned for the weekend. Whether your destination is in a warm or cold environment, a truck will help you get around despite the snow, hail, rain and debris that can get in the way. The wheels of trucks will provide an easier time getting out of snow or huge ditches compared to if you used a regular car, and there’s less of a chance that your windows will be cracked or the outside will be dented after a hailstorm. Trucks can also save you the time it takes to hike to certain points in mountains, which provides more photo opportunities on your trip.

Making sure that there is an auto body repair shop in the area helps ensure that you are able to fix your truck in case the weather gets too tough or a moose, bear, bison or other large animal happens to cause some damage while they’re in the area. Your truck should have room to carry heavy material and large amounts in case you catch some big game, especially if everyone in your group is able to bring something home. Having your group take multiple trucks for the journey can also come in handy so that you always have an extra source of transportation on hand in case something happens to one of the trucks. You should also store equipment on each truck so that you can pull one out of a sticky situation and avoid repairs.

Consider these options so that you can get around quick and easy and have a fun time doing so.

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