Must-have 4wd Accessories You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without


When it comes to the topic of accessories, 4x4s have it all; it seems like every single day, a new accessory that promises you a better vehicle gets released.

The sheer amount of accessories available to us can be overwhelming at times; it has become tricky choosing accessories that genuinely give your vehicle an edge.

Today, we’ll look into a few practical 4×4 accessories that are a must-have.


If what you want is to get more out of our vehicle while off-road, then this accessory is for you, lockers work by locking both axles on the differential together.

This forces your car wheels to rotate at the same speed. With lockers, you can rest assured that no matter how much weight you have on your tyres, they’ll continue spinning.

2. Limited Slip Differentials

LSD’s as they are sometimes referred to work by making use of a clutch between the two axles. The idea behind their creation is that when one wheel ceases to drive, the clutch makes the other wheel continue driving.

LSD’s are very useful but tread lightly as they are prone to wear and tear.

3. Bullbar

Arguably the unsung hero of most 4×4 accessories, bullbars are sure to yield you a handsome return on investment.

Bullbars keep the front of your vehicle protected; extra protection is needed whether you’re a city dweller or you fancy trips through Australia’s great unknown.

4. Roof Rack

If you fancy lengthy road trips, then you definitely need to invest in a roof rack.

They afford you the luxury of packing more stuff that’ll otherwise not fit inside your vehicle while also keeping things as organised as possible.

Heavier items can be easily stored on the roof of your vehicle thanks to a rack.

5. Driving Lights

After a long day of driving through our great country, fatigue is sure to set in, and extra driving lights can be the difference between life and death. Buying driving lights are now easier than ever with more varieties and better options.

6. Travel Size Fridge

Having a fridge in your 4×4 is not negotiable; when on the road especially for extended periods, it’s essential to have a functional fridge to keep food and drinks refrigerated.

There’s nothing better than a cold drink to make you feel great after a long day of driving.

7. Tyres

Not just any type of tyre, mud terrain tyres. The truth of the matter is that urban highway tyres are not going to get the job done when you go off the grid. It’s important to have specialised 4×4 tyres that can take whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

8. Rear Bar

Rear bars are essential to every 4wd. It doesn’t matter if you are a city dweller or you take long trips through Australia’s great outdoors.

It’s always important to have extra padding at the back of your vehicle; you might never know when it’ll come in handy.

9. Drawers

This accessory is especially essential for when you want to take lengthy breaks from civilisation or when you are travelling cross country by road.

When you go on trips without adequate storage, chances are you’re going to be disoriented each time you have to spend fifteen minutes searching for the most mundane of things.

10. Maxtrax

This Australian made vehicle recovery device is a must-have for every off-road adventurer.

This lightweight device has been tested and trusted to get you out of sticky situations; it doesn’t matter if it’s slush, snow, mud or even sand. Maxtrax will get the job done.

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