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Is the radiator of your car broken or worn out? Don’t waste time, purchase a new Spectra Premium radiator from Parts Avatar Canada

radiator of your car

The radiator of a car is one of the main components of the extensive cooling system of a car. It is tasked with dispelling the heated air that forms inside the car due to the burning of the fuel. If the radiator fails to do its job properly, the smoke created after the combustion of fossil fuel gets trapped inside the car, over-heating the engine and causing the car to eventually break down.

Since the radiator is typically positioned near to the engine of the car, at the front, it is one of the car parts to get affected the most during the event of an accident. Following the fact that role of the radiator can affect the overall performance of the car, it is always advisable to get a damaged radiator replaced as soon as possible from Parts Avatar Canada.

Some of the top brands to produce car radiators are Cooling Depot and Spectra Premium at affordable price ranges. They offer the best quality when it comes to car radiators. They also understand the fact that every car model is differently built and hence requires a different kind of radiator to make it work. This is why Parts Avatar Toronto is considered the one-stop destination for any and every kind of auto part, for the sheer range of products on offer here.

Some of the advantages of buying car radiators from brands like Spectra Premium are that you get the following advanced features to go with it:

  • They make easily installable radiators.
  • 96% of the time one can find radiators that are custom-built for vehicles that were manufactured anywhere between and 1985-2015.
  • The radiators are designed by only highly-skilled engineers and technicians in the world.
  • Every single piece of product are tested and retested before they are released into the market for customers to pick it up.
  • All the products follow the standardized ISO 9001 / TS 16949 quality system.
  • The radiators are packaged in such a way that they reach the customers in a flawless condition.
  • The radiators are available with their own set of accessories that compete the whole set.
  • Endurance simulators are set in place to test out the durability and ensure longevity of a radiator’s life.
  • Transmission and engine oil coolers are treated with the same level of attention that the radiators receive.
  • The radiators are tested profusely and made completely leak-proof.
  • The materials used for the construction of the radiators are of the highest grade
  • One gets at least 2-year warranty with every radiator purchased.

Before you go purchasing a new radiator, make sure that your radiator is really at fault when it comes to the malfunctioning of your vehicle. Here are a few common radiator-related issues that might crop up especially after the vehicle has been on the road for a long period of time.

  • A busted thermostat: When you are dealing with a failing thermostat, replacing the radiator would not do you any good. This is because the thermostat it is not part of the radiator per say. However, it plays a major role in keeping the radiator in a perfect condition by directing the coolant into it. This also maintains the proper temperature of the engine and preventing it from overheating.
  • Radiator hoses leak: The coolants might not be reaching the radiator or the main engine because the hoses connecting the two with the coolant have become ridden with small holes from where the coolant is leaking out. In this case, all you need to replace are the radiator hoses and not the radiator itself. Also, it is a god practice to keep replacing the hoses on a periodically manner without waiting for it to get worn out.
  • A leaking radiator: Then there are cases where the radiator itself starts to leak. This can be a major worry for the car engine as leaks in the radiator are really hard to detect. One of the most common symptoms of a leaking radiator is bubbles or steam protruding from the radiator. Although leaking radiators can be patched in some rare cases, it is best not to risk it and get the entire radiator replaced from Parts Avatar Toronto.
  • Air bubbles inside cooling system: Sometimes the vehicle can overheat due to the fact that air bubbles have gotten trapped inside the cooling system. The cooling system might have to be bled in order to successfully remove the bubbles that have formed inside the system.
  • Broken water pump: A broke water pump can also be responsible for overheating the vehicle and making the radiator malfunction in the process. There is an in-built pump that is tasked with properly circulating the coolant throughout the radiator and the engine and back to the radiator again. This ensures that the temperature of all the auto parts are properly regulated, which in turn maintains the optimum functioning of the vehicle. A broken water pump is a commonly occurring phenomenon.
  • System obstructions: Then there are obstructions like bent fins to other bodily damage from an accident that can send the radiator in complete disarray. The radiator is no longer able to transfer the heated air forming inside the vehicle out into the air, hence causing the temperature of the car to sky-rocket. While such obstructions rarely develop over time, they do take place after a considerably large impact.
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