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Impeccable Vehicle Upkeep: How to Emulate a Professional Full Valet for Your Vehicle

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Polishing, cleansing, and washing your vehicle’s paint and chassis does far more than simply make it look neat as a button.

Giving your beloved automobile a careful bath once per month is the ultimate way to stave off the biggest enemies of vehicular longevity – corrosion, oxidation, and metal weathering – but you have to be a bit more duteous and exacting than we’ve been led to believe.

The Keys to Cleaning Your Car Like a Master of the Trade

The lion’s share of vehicles manufactured after the year 2000 have integrated bilge points that enable erosion-inducing water deposits to trickle out of the metal components underneath, but these drainage outlets do nothing to fend off the ice, salt, grime, and filth that can envelope your vehicle over time. So, when you decide that it’s time to wash your car, you have to execute the following tasks stage by stage:

  • Steep your entire vehicle with an industrial-grade snow foam
  • Vigilantly scrub down the exterior with professional wash mitts
  • Utilise a power washer on a low setting to eradicate surface smut
  • Raise the strength on the power washer to clean the chassis – you might want to position the front wheels onto ramps for a better angle of the underside
  • Neutralise contaminants with a professional clay bar
  • Obtain an acid-free rim soap to brighten your wheels

As a more economical alternative to procuring all of these supplies, you can avail yourself of cheap car valeting services in Plymouth once every three to four weeks.

Top Drawer Valeting in Exchange for a Workable Rate

There won’t be a single speck of dust in your interior, and the external frame will look as though it just came off of the assembly line, so do yourself and your wheels a big favour by coordinating an expert wash, buff, and valet today.

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