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A car battery is an essential tool for the durability and efficiency of your machine, it’s important to invest and care for the battery whether you buy a new or used car. Here are a few tips that will make your battery goes a long way. There is a wide range to choose from depending on your car type and the money you are willing to put in. Here are a few things that will help you maintain the battery.

Battery Size different cars require different battery sizes in terms of length, width, and height. Through the use of a mechanic or a manual, a good battery will fit perfectly in the battery tray and this prevents battery damages from the vibrations. The wrong size will not be efficient and may damage the car.

Battery Terminals the position of the positive terminal in the car matters this is when it comes into contact with the metal body or wiring can cause a short circuit that will damage electronic items in the car. This depends on the type of car.

Maintenance of the battery there is two types of maintenance they are the free maintenance and the sealed maintenance. The free maintenance is sealed and can go through the battery life span without changing the liquid electrolyte. The low maintenance will need a refill of the liquid every once in a while. 

State of the battery commonly referred to as the bloating battery, once the battery starts swelling once you see your battery is changing its natural state or swelling, a pungent smell (sulfur odor) or any leaking which may cause corrosion then this is a clear indication that the battery is not fit and will need a change immediately. If you go for a rental car these are issues that one should consider.  

Reserve Capacity this is how much time the battery can run on its own power without the engine before discharge, the higher the capacity the better the battery. This also depends on the type of vehicle.

Ampere hour (Ah) this is how much a battery can store electricity, the higher the Ah the fewer chances of the battery running out. Always consult with your mechanic on the best option for your car.

CCA requirement refers to the cold cranking Amps used to describe a battery’s capabilities of starting an engine in the cold temperatures. This is the number of amps that a lead-battery delivers at 0 for 30 seconds. The cracking Amps (CA) is the energy required to start the vehicle at 32 degrees.

 Lastly, the warranty of the battery is a key thing to look into if you could get a battery that has a longer warranty compared to others it is always a good choice to go for that one. If you experience problems with your battery it is advisable to always seek the wisdom of a mechanic, you trust to avoid any damages. If you care for your battery, then it will be of good service to your car which will save you time and resources.

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