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If you have space, time and money, then why not build your own car? Yes, it is possible to build your own kit car that you can really drive. This article will explain to you everything you need to know about Caterhams.

Introducing Caterhams

Various things have changed in motoring in the past few decades. However, not everything has changed. Caterham cars might utilise modern materials and might have different engines, but the driver-focused cars remain intricately linked to the actual Lotus 7.  

Japan is the largest market of Caterhams, followed by France and Germany. The British manufacturer of lightweight sports cars has its arms scattered across the countryside of the UK. While a Dartford factory is the chief manufacturing site that handles tech development and engineering, a facility in Westbury acts responsible for the development of the roll cages and chassis. 

If you are planning to build a kit car of your own but do not, even vaguely, have an idea of where to begin, the following tips are likely to help you:

#1: The Quality Remains even when the Price is Elapsed 

To buy something that requires assembling of the parts means that you will have to buy the tools. It is essential to buy good quality tools since they will last a lifetime and will be of use if you want the screws and nuts to be undone in the future. Moreover, they will decrease the difficulty of your work and ensure that your skin stays in the fingers. 

#2: Take Care of Your Garage

Why would someone wish to spend time in a dark, cold place that is full of mosquitoes and spiders? If your garage is not a pleasant and bright place to be at, you may find yourself hustling or working in insufficient light. This is why it is essential to keep the garage insulated, well lit and clean. 

However, keeping the garage clean is not the only necessity. You can possibly do more to your garage. Special kind of garage floor tiles will help you work barefoot without getting dirty. Other essentials include a beer fridge, TV, and a decent sound system. Finally, yet importantly, having a Wi-Fi connection may help you when you are stuck. 

#3: Allow Professionals to Look After IVA

The IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) test is not at all fun. Letting the Caterham professionals prepare your final car for IVA will be worthy of each penny you spend on it. Moreover, it will ensure that your rides are safe. 

#4: Take your Deadline Seriously

Whenever you begin working on the kit car, set a deadline for yourself. Not just that, but also take it seriously. However, do not be eager to bring it on the road if you have already booked a track day and your car is not complete yet. 

#5: Be Familiar with What You are Buying

A Caterham is a complete kit car. All you need to add to the kit is fluids. However, a majority of other kits require the buyer to source certain parts from some other place. This leads to various incomplete hidden projects in garages. Therefore, it is crucial to know what you buy before purchasing it. Make sure there are not any parts that you will have to build or buy from somewhere else.

#6: Did You Twist that One?

Marking bolts and nuts is the best way to remind yourself which of them are tightened and which ones are not. After all, you do not want to end up being all puzzled and confused. 

More Things that You Need to Know

  • The LED lights fitted in the kit car are volatile.
  • The kit car requires refilling of petrol frequently.
  • Everything around you will feel huge since the car is small. Moreover, the steering is also tiny.
  • Everybody loves the car – whoever passes by or sees the car loves it since it looks like an actual racing car. 

How Can You Compete?

If you wish to become a car racer and are a rookie, then the Academy series of Caterham is perfect for you. Even if you have already taken your ARDS (Association of Racing Drivers Schools) test but have never really used the race license, then you remain eligible for the Academy. 

Here, you will have a dedicated coordinator that will always be there to advice, support and help you. Moreover, Caterham Support is also included in the price. This implies that if, in any case, something goes wrong with your car while you are at the circuit, the Caterham team will offer help to fix the issue and will not include the cost of parts. 

Best Kit Cars by Caterham

Now that you have understood everything that you wanted to about Caterham kit cars, it is time to look at the best models. Following is a list of best kit cars by Caterham:

  • Factory Five Type 65
  • Dax 427
  • Caterham Seven 620 R
  • Parallel Torero
  • Midas Gold
  • Westfield SDV
  • Piper GTR Race Car
  • Ronart W152
  • Ultima Evolution Coupe


When it comes to racing cars, Caterham makes one of the best kit cars in the world. Kit cars are great when it comes to saving money. Moreover, you will be glad while driving your own kit car, since it would be built by your own hands.

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