A Technical Review of Ashok Leyland Dost

Technical Review of Ashok Leyland Dost

The range of mini trucks that the Ashok Leyland brand has manufactured is the reason why the company is growing rapidly due to the demand in the segment. A particular series under Ashok Leyland that catalysed the growth is the Ashok Leyland Dost. This mini truck snatched all the eyes of customers and is the reason for the company to have won many awards. Also, this commercial truck has bagged itself into the list of key players in the Mini Truck Market. Here is a detailed review about this mini commercial truck stating the reasons as to how and why this vehicle got the company’s name to heights.


This mini truck runs on a 1.5 litre TDCR (turbo charged diesel common rail) engine. Emission norms of BS- IV have been situated. The displacement of this vehicle goes up to 1478 cc. The maximum power attained is 60 bhp and the maximum torque attained is 170 Nm. the clutch is made of a single dry plate and is of 240 mm in diameter. The gear box includes 5 gears. The fuel tank has the capacity to hold 40 litres fuel which ensures a smooth long journey.

Build and Design:

The mini truck comes with a deck body along with a day chassis cabin. The front and the rear tyre is 195 R15 LT8 PR. The wheelbase is 2510 mm and it provides a good amount of distance between the two ends of the vehicle. The overall length is 4630 mm and a height of 1900 mm is attained. The gross vehicle weight sums up to 2750 kgs and has the capacity to carry a payload up to 1475 kgs.


Coming to the comfort of this vehicle, it is a two seater mini truck which includes the driver and the navigator. Power steering along with tiltable steering has been installed, which helps the driver to use less of his strength. Air conditioning has been installed which helps in beating the outside heat. The seats are adjustable, providing both driver as well as the navigator maximum comfort.


Keeping safety as the main priority, Ashok Leyland has installed the maximum safety factors in this vehicle. To begin with, disc brakes have been situated at the front of the vehicle and drum brakes are at the rear end of the vehicle. Parking brakes, power steering, tubeless tyres and firm seat belts have been enabled in the mini truck.

Keeping every little aspect in mind, the Ashok Leyland trucks have provided the maximum facilities in the vehicles in order to make the driver feel comfortable along with reaching the maximum productivity. Because at the end of the day, getting more work done is the main goal of any company. The functioning of this mini commercial truck is on point and ensures maximum productivity. In conclusion, the specifications listed above are the reasons for this company to achieve a great name in the commercial truck industry.

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