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Does Your Vehicle Need a Pre-MOT Check?

Vehicle Need a Pre MOT Check

If your vehicle must undergo MOT testing, it is helpful to have a pre-MOT check to ensure that you are prepared. A pre-MOT evaluation will help you assess and repair any exterior or interior parts to make sure that you pass the test.

Some of the Items to Check

A facility that provides low-cost vehicle repairs services in Chesterfield can check the following during a pre-MOT check:

  • Windscreen Damage: A MOT check will review any damage to a windscreen and test the functionality of the wipers. MOT inspectors review the windscreen in the driver’s field of vision and the adjacent area. If a chip appears in the driver’s field of vision, it must be under 10 millimetres to pass an MOT inspection.
  • Windscreen Wipers: The washers for the windscreens are also tested to determine that enough spray is provided to clean the glass.
  • Tyres: The tyres are evaluated based on a variety of safety criteria. For example, the tread for each tyre should be within the legal limit of 1.6 millimetres when checked with a 20 pence coin. To make a determination, place the coin between the tread. If the outer band of the coin cannot be seen, the tread should be within the established tread limit.
  • Suspension and Shock Absorbers: Your vehicle’s suspension is another area that must be pre-checked. Often, drivers fail tests because their suspension systems do not meet MOT mandates.

Indicators and Signalling Lights

You will also need to check the indicators and signalling lights on your vehicle. Do all you can to prevent any chance of failing the test by arranging a pre-check now.

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