Common Reasons Your Car Air Conditioning Has Problems

Car Air Conditioning Has Problems

Driving along in the summer sun isn’t nice when your air conditioning unit has stopped blowing out cold air. A broken air con system isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also be a danger. Being stuck in a car during a heat wave is not a place any of us should be when the temperatures reach boiling point. If you’ve air con problems in your vehicle, Middlesex garage services offer an affordable solution. Along with air conditioning diagnostics, they also offer a range of other services, such as:

  • Car repairs
  • Car servicing
  • Tow bar fitting
  • Car body repairs
  • MOT tests

If your vehicle is only giving out hot air, you should take immediate steps to resolve the issue. A certified repair specialist will run a full diagnostic on your air conditioning system to identify the problem. Trained technicians can work on all makes and models, so whatever problem you face, they’ll have a solution.

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5 Most Common Air Con Issues

  1. Leak – One of the most common reasons for your air con to stop working is because of a leak, they usually occur in the hose connection.
  2. Blocked Condenser – This can happen when debris gets into the system and stops it from working effectively.
  3. Broken Condenser – Your condenser can get damaged by debris from the road.
  4. Electrical Problems – These issues are quite common, but they can be challenging to diagnose, a full inspection is required to check all the wiring.
  5. Defective Cooling Fans – If this component is damaged, your AC system will stop working.
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