3 Things Any Car Owner Should Fear The Most

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Most car owners want to ensure their vehicles last them long since they are a financial investment. The durability and reliability of a car can be achieved by proper exterior protection from damages caused by various hazards. A car’s exterior appearance is very important especially for owners who plan to resale their vehicles. There are several ways in which a car can be cared for and maintained to hold its aesthetics. Examples of the most common hazards that can cause damages to car paint include heat, water, and substances like dust, grease, and grime. These hazards require the owner to practice various car care and maintenance steps to protect their priced property.


Water causes damages to car paint but is not extreme. Water from rain, floods, or hail storms can form water spots on the paint and make the car painting appear dull. This is especially because rainwater sources mix with contaminants and pollutants in the air causing acid rain. There are specific remedies that can be used to resolve these issues before they escalate. High-quality ceramic sprays e.g.,Nexgen Ceramic Spray when applied professionally and properly can help prevent damages from acid rain. They are made from silicon oxide nanoparticles that protect the car paint ensuring it remains safe from water damages. The silicon oxide nanoparticles work by making the exterior car surface hydrophobic and give it a shiny appearance. The percentage of Silicon oxide used in making the ceramic sprays determines its longevity when used. If you read this Shine Armor review for example, you’ll find out it says that the product is very weak when compared to other ceramic spray products in the market and this may be because of the low silicon oxide volume added to it. Another product that is not also strong enough to repel water because of its weak sheeting action as a result of low silicon oxide is Mothers CMX Ceramic spray coating.

Water Spots

Water spots result when the car paint comes into contact with hard water, minerals, acids, and any other contaminants. The spots normally remain on the vehicle unless they are washed off and treated. The water spots when not removed and prevented stack up and damage the car paint. Car owners should therefore know how to remove water spots from car. Most people use car shampoos and vinegar to get rid of the stubborn spots followed by clay bar treatment. Finally, the vehicle is sprayed using a ceramic coating to prevent water from sticking onto the car surface. The use of a good protective coat for car detailing is therefore necessary. The importance of car detailing is not only to make the vehicle look good but also to ensure it stays protected from damages caused by acid rain, particles, or UV rays.


Particles such as dust, grease, grime, and other particles that result from the drying of hard water deteriorate the exterior of a car. The best way of preventing damages from such substances on the car paint is by cleaning it regularly. The use of special car cleaning chemicals is more effective in maintaining the car’s appearance. Ceramic sprays are also useful in keeping off dust and particles from the car surface. Some people also use car covers to prevent the substances from getting into contact with the car surface.

Heat and Sun Rays

Damages caused by harsh weather conditions such as sunlight rays can be prevented by waxing. Wax acts as a barrier between the UV rays and the car paint shielding the vehicle.


Car exterior protection is very important in ensuring that the vehicle lasts for a long and maintains a good appearance. The value and worth of a car are a big investment and therefore maintenance and protection services are very essential. Car owners should learn what to do and how to practice car care and use the most appropriate and quality products to protect the car exterior efficiently.

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