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Have you recently bought a Ford Ranger? Or are you thinking of buying one? Regardless, there are a handful of features that add to the look and feel of the Ford Ranger. It complements the look of the car, allowing it to stand out from the crowd. If you want your bouncer to stand out above the others, here are some must-have accessories.

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Grill guards

It is essential to protect the front of the truck. Trucks are a little more abuse than ordinary cars. Therefore, it is necessary to add features to protect your vehicle. Meanwhile, many of these features look great. The grilles are installed on the front of both sides of the car. Protection against grille screens starts at the front of the vehicle and extends to the headlights. Protection makes the difference because it is a difficult task. In addition, it adds a medium and strong look to your truck. Rangers have the power to protect your vehicle from any off-road damage. And it’s easy to install. No drilling needed!

Car covers

The Ford Ranger may suffer a lot of abuse while driving – mainly if you use it as intended. If you want to protect your car from external forces, a car cover is required. It will allow you to cover with paint and even tires so that the rims do not rust. However, your guard will still breathe. You can use the cover when parking your car on the street or in the garage – whatever you prefer. However, it will give you the protection you seek every day for your vehicle.

Toolbox lid

Unfortunately, you can’t move from one place to another in a truck with things lying on the bed. You don’t want the bed open for people to take things. Instead, you want to make sure it’s safe. Fortunately, there are custom tool covers to fit your trusted bed. This will ensure that your valuables are adequately covered and stored – no matter where you are. Usually, installing one of these programs is very simple, but it will make a difference. And, according to many people, this toolbox cover helps with gas mileage because it allows your values ​​to stay balanced on the road. It is perfect for almost all truck drivers and is undoubtedly the ideal complement to any Ford Ranger review by Which Car.

The new Ford Ranger is built to deliver top safety performance – it offers safety features usually only found in cars. Safety features include side-curtain side airbags and front-seat side airbags, which are standard for all cabin styles in Europe. “Since its introduction in Europe in 1997, Ford Ranger has proven to be a major player in the European pick-up segment,” said Jess Alonso, Ford’s director of marketing, sales, and commercial vehicle service in Europe.

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