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Your Online Auction Guide for Vehicle Shopping


Auctions are always fun plot devices on television shows.

The main characters invariably make some mistake and end up bidding too much money, usually on an item they don’t even want. Everyone in the audience laughs, including viewers at home. But in reality, live auctions are high-pressure, high-stakes events—and they’re nothing to laugh about.

Luckily, most car auctions can be done online without the pressure of live battles over vehicles. These virtual marketplaces are great places to shop for vehicles—and no one will be able to trick you into making a bid you didn’t mean to place.

Online auctions offer all the thrills with a fraction of the risks.

Online auctions are painless. There’s no muscling through throngs of people giving each other the evil eye. There’s also time to consider a your bid before making it, as bidding doesn’t require flapping a fan around or raising your hand. It’s the thrill of the hunt, seemingly limitless deals on vehicles, and no need to get up off the couch to do your bidding.

Auction cars come from many different sources.

Like every other car on the road, vehicles being sold at auction have all different histories. Many come from impound lots after being abandoned, towed, seized, or left unclaimed. Some of these cars may be badly neglected and in poor shape, but it’s not uncommon to find hidden gems among the bunch. Former rental cars and vehicles used as fleet cars (such as decommissioned police vehicles and corporate cars) also commonly wind up at auctions.

To the keen researchers (and observers) go the spoils.

When cars are sold at auction, they are not subject to any federal regulations that require the former owners and/or sellers to disclose information to potential buyers. This means a potential buyer may not be made aware of all the flaws or past body damage.

Bidders will usually be give the option to look at images and read descriptions of auction cars available for bidding. However, all of this information will provide only a minimum of information. Buyers have to trust their own eyes and judgement in order to spot the hidden gems among the lot.

Be prepared for a vehicle auction by already deciding what you’re looking for.

Many online auctions, such as the ones you will find at Auto Auction Mall, allow buyers to available cars well before bidding begins. This gives everyone an opportunity to decide which cars most interest them, and decide on what they’re willing to place as high bids. Setting bidding limits for yourself is very important so that once the auction starts, you don’t get carried away. Once you settle on a price, stick to it!

Some auction sites provide financing options, alleviating the pressure of having to pay for the full cost of the car up-front. This makes it much easier to design an auction budget that actually fits an individual’s needs and income.

Location should always be a factor while browsing online car auctions. You may find an amazing car in New York, that’s not going to be a practical solution if you live in California. Look for available cars by location, and choose how far you’re willing to travel (or ship!). With parameters set, the list of choices can be narrowed down so you can focus on finding the car that’s exactly right for you.

Shopping for a new vehicle can be a stressful experience, but doesn’t have to be. Use online auctions to find vehicles within your budget and without all the hassle of going to the car lot or standing in cramped conditions with other bidders. When you know how to use online auctions to your advantage, you’ll be the one who wins big.


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