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The use of Virtual technologies in automobile industries are steadily on the rise to cater the ever-increasing number of model variants and tools to design and development the process of making a vehicle. Virtual technologies are made to show, the number of variants that are to be modified and assessed at the beginning of the entire process. The technology is used to bring down the costs and time that were so far being necessary for the processing of automobile manufacturing.

The concept behind bringing these virtual technologies was to resolve all the research-related issues that can be included in the fields of virtual and augmented reality. The technology is based on the functionality where it analyzes the current trends and innovations happening in the related sectors. Newer methodologies and applications too are taken into account, which are selected to be used in the various departments being a part of the entire process of product manufacturing. The research results show that the processes have sped up, overall costs got saved and each employee is being supported with the latest digital information to help them in their daily routine work. As told by the Ontario VW Dealer the Volkswagen Group Research is all set to develop and deliver innovative, integrated and customer-oriented technologies and vehicle projects to gain a long-term trust from their customers.

For taking their products to the next level, Volkswagen Group invested in a bunch of Virtual technologies. This was to manage the show better with their increasing number of vehicle models, their trim levels and variants while reducing the overall development time.

Mobile Augmented Reality MARTA

As an innovative support tool for their servicing of new vehicles and their innovative functions, Volkswagen innovated a mobile augmented reality tool named MARTA which stands for Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance. It is based on a lightweight aerodynamics, state-of-the-art drive technology, to work for the service area.

To achieve a better management system, Volkswagen has developed a new system of display that can store every service information, while displaying the same on tablets. It would show all the service employees at a glance and what would be their next set of work steps.

Spatial Augmented Reality

To project the virtual data on a vehicle of real design model, Volkswagen realized the benefit of using spatial augmented reality in their worldwide spread automotive industry. Through this technology the virtual data gets displayed through a monitor, which is further shown up on a large projection screen.

As per the Ontario VW Dealer the ‘augmented reality’ (AR) is used to make sure that every virtual data gets a visual support presented with actual sizes and proportions, indicating that data can be analyzed with much more effect if produced and represented with such clarity and precision.

Summing Up

The advantage of using any virtual reality technology like MARTA or SAR is that, they help the automotive designing and development work to achieve a smoothness and clarity with the optimum analysis of data and information. This makes this technology getting accepted with an increasing rate by every automotive maker across the globe.

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