Understanding the Features and Benefits of Electronic Logging Device

Electronic Logging Device

Electronic logging device (ELD) has managed to acquire widespread recognition all across globe. It could be loosely defined as a technology utilized by a commercial motor vehicle’s driver for recording hours of service automatically as well as capturing other significant data regarding engine movement. In this particular write-up, I have chalked down a few distinct features and exceptional benefits of an ELD.


  1. Authorities of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has specified three requirements namely:
  • Electronic logs for truckers must conform to certain technical specifications.
  • These must be certified by a genuine manufacturer under all circumstances.
  • An ELD must undergo proper registration otherwise it would be considered of no use.
  1. ELD solutions are available in market in two basic formats.
  • First is a total package incorporated with formerly loaded mobile application or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which carriers attach to their existing hardware.
  • Second is a tablet or smartphone that could be utilized as part of an ELD
  1. Electronic logging device must display reports either on screen or in form of printouts for enhancing security.
  2. ELD could transfer substantial amounts of data via emails or wirelessly through Bluetooth and USB port.
  1. ELD must come with a user manual
  1. A contemporary electronic logging device has audio buttons. Thus, people can mute it and increase or decrease volume without hassle.
  1. Owing to being internally synchronized with a vehicle’s engine module, ELDs are believed to be highly advantageous.
  1. Finally, most electronic logging devices nowadays are tamper proof. In other words, no burglar can ever break it open.


  1. An ELD can encourage good habits. By carefully observing driver’s behavior, it allows him to save enough fuel, which is quite expensive.
  2. ELD solutions have attained popularity because they offer real-time and retrospective reports on odometer, petrol, carbon, and other fault codes. This particular feature allows several organizations to fabricate maintenance programs, alleviating costly downtimes to a great extent.
  3. Accidents occur because not everybody on road is cautious about where he or she is going. For avoiding complex lawsuits, commercial motor vehicle drivers, who have not committed the said mistake could strengthen case, paving way for a justifiable outcome.
  4. As electronic logging devices can successfully track a vehicle’s movement, it does not compel people to perform any sort of paperwork manually. With this appliance in hand, keep administrative burden at bay.
  5. Drivers who have attached an ELD to their cars or trucks would obviously receive amazing insurance premiums. This is because such an appliance has GPS facilities and can decrease risks of being stolen or hijacked.

Now that contemporary consumers know almost everything about e logs for truckers, they must invest in it as soon as possible.

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