Tyre Maintenance Every Melbourne Driver Should Know


There is no other contact with the road than the tyres of a car. Knowing this is enough to alert most car owners of the importance of the tyre. Tyres must be in good working condition to handle and safely control the car. Underinflated, worn, or damaged tyres are all issues that are safety issues as the car can go out of control. Typically, tyres lose 1-2 psi per month, so tyre maintenance is important. We Buy Car for Cash offers the following tips for tyre maintenance.

The Importance of Good Working Tyres Cannot be Understated

They must be in good condition to control the car. When tyres are underinflated, worn, or damaged, drivers are risking a loss of control of the car. Blow-outs and hydroplaning are all possible. Consider the air pressure in your tyres like the engine, and with each fuel up the pressures of the tyres should be checked. The car owner’s manual will have the proper level which tyres should be inflated to.

It is also necessary to rotate the tyres every five to seven thousand miles. With the current construction of cars with front-wheel drive, the tyres wear more quickly on the rear axle, so rotating the tyres is necessary. Aligning the car is also necessary as an improper alignment will cause wear on the tyres, and possible vibration or pulling to one side.

Each time you fuel up your car, perform a visual inspection of the tyres. Look for damage and wear that could weaken the tyres. If possible, have your tyres inspected by an authorised mechanic before a long road trip.
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