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There will always be bad and good towing companies that can damage your car more than after the accident. There are many types of vehicle they can use, so a good towing company will have different types of trucks for different occasions. The service price is the same for every non-heavy-duty truck type. It is easier for them to handle the job with the correct truck. For example, it is way easier to have a flatbed if the point A is far away from point B.

Towing professionals will take a good care of your care with any type of truck they use, but it is safer, and there are procedures they need to follow depending on the company. Also, if you want the best for your vehicle you should always find the best towing service at your area to finish the job smoothly.

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Service depending on the vehicle type

When you least expect your car breaks down. Whether they do it in your garage, on the highway, or in a parking lot, you will be fed up and call a towing company for help so they can bring the vehicle to the repair shop to solve the problem. You had noticed that there are many trucks that are used for towing and each has a different purpose. All you need to do is decide which one is proper for you.

Towing flatbed trucks

Flatbed tow trucks are commonly used in many situations because how flexible the design is. This type of vehicle has a long flat empty space where the vehicle should be placed. Hydraulics is being used to move the flatbed downwards and upwards. When we say that the truck is flexible we mean that you have the option you drive onto the truck or get carried on it.

It is also effective in transporting vehicles that have been involved in an accident or have had a roadside problem. A broad variety of boats or vehicles can be transported on a flatbed towing truck. It is also one of the reliable ways to tow a vehicle.


Integrated towing truck

This type of vehicle is for some more extreme situations, for heavy-duty jobs, and they are made in such a way that it is only used for certain situations, in other words, it won’t be profitable to use it more. It is used to transport other buses or rigs. An integrated towing truck has extra axles that are meant to add strength and stability and its arm is much more rooted in the core of the truck.

Chain and hook

Chain and hook towing truck is used for towing all sorts of cargo. This truck has been used more in the past, but because there is a lot of pressure being made about towing with this type of vehicle, it isn’t used as much as back then. A wrapped chain can scratch or harm the vehicle, so it is advised that you use this option only if you are carrying a wrecked car to a junkyard.

Besides that, the hook and chain truck can’t be used on 4×4 and all-wheel drives because it can damage the drivetrain. Now, the hook and chain truck is mainly used for wrecked automobiles and junk cars because when moving these cars, additional harm to the bumper, doesn’t matter.

Wheel-lift tow truck

This type of truck has a mechanism alike to the chain and hook tow trucks. Also, they use a yoke rather than chains and make less harm to the towed car. The yoke has a hook for under the rear or front wheels. Read more here.

The mechanism suspends the front or rear part of the vehicle in order to lift it from the ground and drag it away. Front wheel drive cars are pulled by their entrance wheels. While the wheel-lift towing truck is not as protected or safe as flatbed tow trucks, they are relatively cheap.

When you know these details, you can know if they made a mistake when taking care of your car. In some situations when the road isn’t that great, having the right towing truck can make big difference.

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