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Top Reasons You Should Buy AWD Cargo Van Rochester Ny


Picking a van for purchase is very easy. But, making the right choice is not that easy though. You need to know some facts about the vehicle to be purchased and that is why we want to give you an insight into this van, AWD Cargo Van Rochester Ny by considering the features of this van.


  • It is has a 6-speed manual transmission which makes it an ideal van for transporting goods as the gears give it a good overdrive for driving through the city or through the highway.
  • What can you say about a van that is powered by 6 cylinders? Awesome, you might say. The 6 cylinders design makes the van to be extremely powerful and relatively noiseless. It makes the engine to be light, quiet and powerful. What else do you need?
  • It has an exterior color of white which adds to the beauty of the van.
  • The interior upholstery is made of cloth. This makes it to always feel cool and help to dissipate some heat, adding to the comfort of its passengers.
  • RWD: The van is a Rear wheel drive. This means that it has its power at the rear wheels. This gives it absolute power to maneuver itself out of any condition because the front wheels are free to handle the maneuvering while the rear wheels do the pushing. Very nice.
  • It has a mileage of approximately 254,000. This means that it still has a lot of power and mileage left in it. The components are still in good condition to ensure that you get a good value for your money.
  • The price is less than $12,000. Getting this van at this price is surely a good bargain.
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