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car modifications


If you love your car, you must want it to be at its best performance. Unfortunately, most cars come fitted with standard parts that will only provide an ordinary driving experience. Modifying a vehicle is always expensive as you are required to source different parts and components from various suppliers and later pay a mechanic to do the job for you. Some customisation shops do any modification type, but their charges are unaffordable to many. The cheapest way to do a car modification is by sourcing all the parts and doing the car modification yourself.

Below are some DIY car customisation ideas you can consider.

Advanced Clutches

Adding an advanced clutch to your car is one of the sure ways to improve your car’s performance both in the course and the road. Unlike the original clutch bought with the car, an advanced clutch will give you a consistent and predictable pedal feel, plus you will enjoy a high torque capacity and durability. An advanced clutch installation is simple if you have some motor vehicle mechanics skills and the tools required. Visit for an intereseting overview of clutch kits or even the new Multi-Disc Clutch Kits.

Add a driver bucket Seat

The best thing about a driver bucket seat is that it provides both comfort and aesthetics. The seat will give your car a sportier look and also help you tackle corners with fewer struggles. With the standard seats, handling corners at top speeds can be a challenge as you must put a lot of effort to keep your driving position. With a firmly fixed driver bucket seat, you can put all your efforts into driving and do much more driving tricks with confidence.

Add performance brake pads

One thing you can’t miss when modifying your car for performance is the brake braking system. Better performance leads to higher speeds that in turn need a better braking system for improved stopping power. The standard brake pads may be good enough for everyday driving, but their performance may not meet the needs for higher speeds.

Visual Improvements

Who doesn’t love their car to be a head-turner? In addition to the performance, having a good-looking car boosts your confidence on the road, plus it can be an intimidation factor when it comes to racing. You can add body kits and skirts, vents, spoilers, rims and wings for the exterior modifications and dashboard and seat upgrades for the interior.

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