The Advantages of Recycling Old Cars

Recycling Old Cars

The car industry is one of the most resource intensive with vast amounts of energy used daily as well as the production of large amounts of waste. This waste and its associated properties are often harmful to the environment which is why the industry is also one of the most tightly regulated.

One way to lessen the impact that the production of new cars has on the environment is to make sure we safely recycle the existing ones we no longer use. This article will run through the advantages of recycling your car which also include several financial incentives.

Disposing of Hazardous Materials

A functioning car contains several liquids, lubricants, gasses and metals which all need to be disposed of responsibly. Coolant or antifreeze as it is sometimes known is poisonous to both humans and animals. The refrigerant found in car AC systems is also a controlled substance that needs to be recycled and disposed of properly due to its effect on the atmosphere.

Recycling your car will make sure these materials are;

  • Reused where they can be or disposed of in a safe and controlled manner.
  • Prevented from leaking into the environment where they can do further damage.

Scrap cars can sometimes end up in landfill sites. Unlike organic waste, cars will not decompose and instead pollute the soil around them which will eventually make its way into local watercourses.

Recycling Metal

Steel is produced from iron ore, a process which has significant pollutant aspects associated with it. Vehicle recycling, where the steel chassis and body of a vehicle are reused will go some way to offsetting the requirement for the production of new steel.

The metal found inside a catalytic converter is of particular value which is why a high price will often be paid for them.

Dealership Recycling Initiatives

All of the large car dealership networks across the UK will often offer a sizeable discount for those customers willing to scrap their current vehicle for a new one. The discounts on offer will vary but in some cases can be worth up to £2000. There will be terms and conditions attached to such offers but these schemes are a great way of getting rid of an old inefficient car for a new one which outputs much less harmful gasses.

Cash for Scrap

Scrap yards will also happily take your car away for recycling and provide you with a monetary incentive in return. Car breakers in Birmingham and other cities will take your car, remove all of the valuable parts and then melt down the steel components for reuse. The amount paid to you will depend on the condition of the car and how much of it can be stripped and reused, but if the car is currently undriveable, this figure may be more than you would receive if you tried to sell the vehicle privately.

As you can see, recycling old vehicles not only benefits you financially but it can also make a big difference to the impact on the environment. What we would suggest is that you check how much your car is worth on the open market and then make a decision on whether scrapping it is the best course of action.

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